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NetDuke - A P2P EDuke32 MP Launcher

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Wed Apr 11 2007, 05:43AM

For all the EDuke32 users who want to play Duke3D online with their friends--NetDuke is the tool for you. Simply put, it's Dukematch with no bullshit (and unfortunately no server-client support). In Backlotus' own words:


Two friends and myself wanted to play Duke3D coop on LAN. We found "Dukonnector" which works but needs the .net framework and far too many clicks for setting up a LAN server or connecting to a LAN host. We tried "Dukester X" which seemed to work over Internet, but LAN...

Well we ended up writing our little batch files with the right parameters. But it actually sucked really fast and we found no GUI which could just give EDuke32 the right parameters. Maybe such a tool exists, but we did not find it, so I wrote one myself. No magic, it just gives EDuke32 the parameters you select in the GUI and creates no batch file; it will start EDuke32 directly. You like it use it, don't like it don't use it.
You heard the man. If you like the tool, download it. Otherwise, kindly fudge off.

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