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Apogee Returns, Announces Duke Nukem Trilogy!

Category: Duke Nukem
by Micki!, on Mon Jul 14 2008, 01:33PM

You didn't see it coming did you? And neither did I.

Apogee Software (3D Realms' former company name) has been revived; it comes not only with an official Press release dated today, but also an announcement of a Duke Nukem Trilogy made for the two handhelds, Nintendo DS and PSP.

Features include:
  • 9 Different World Locations
  • 36 Action-Packed Levels
  • 3D Accelerated Graphics
  • 3D Characters with Detailed Textures
  • Real-Time Particle and Lighting Effects
  • Multi-Mode Play with up to 5 Different Styles of Game Play Action
  • Multi-Player Action
  • Total Ass-Kicking Weapons

Seriously, what more could you ask for in a Duke Nukem Game?

Read everything about the game trilogy on Apogee Software's website. will keep you updated as it comes.

According to one of the company officials they will be at E3:
"Hope everyone understands that we will not have much time to respond to questions right now...we will be at E3, so give us some time"
[July 15 Update:]
Naturally people are wondering what relation this has to 3D Realms, Scott Miller had this to say on Shacknews:
"Correction: 3DR has nothing to do with the new Apogee, other than helping to set it up -- but no management role at all. It's a real rebirth, and has access to several original Apogee brands/titles."

[July 15 Update... Again:]
Shacknews Reports that Deep Silver Signed a Deal with Apogee.

[July 19 Update:]
Shacknews posts more info on the Trilogy.  Thanks Roger!

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