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"Don't worry. When I say tech complete, I mean we could ship if all the content were done. It's fairly easy to add and update shaders and we do so all the time."



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OttoMoto´s Godly Fan Art

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Sat Feb 14 2009, 06:30AM

Update: Otto made a colored version as promised.

As you guys know, we put up our fan art 2009 page recently.  There's been new art made since that time, and while we're archiving it until we have enough to put up on a new page, I couldn't help but feel the need to make an exception for OttoMoto's piece.  It's fucking hliarious and it's done in such great taste.  Check it out:



We might update this news item, as Otto recently stated that he might improve the drawing with "beefy colors."  Also, we are planning another Fan Art 2009 page given it's a busier year than others.

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