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3DR Issues Press Release, Clears Confusion

Category: DNF
by yossa, on Mon May 18 2009, 09:36PM

3D Realms felt the need to speak up against their publisher and divulge previously unknown details about their past, present and maybe even future.

Among these is information about outside funding for DNF: the $2,5 mln 3DR received from Take Two for DNF and another, unannounced project back in July 2008 and $400 000 from GT Interactive, their first publisher. 3D Realms itself has put into the game over $20 mln of its own money.

Also described is a recent funding deal between 3DR and T2 that fell through because the latter party insisted on changes which were unacceptable to 3DR, even after 3D Realms informed Take Two that DNF won't be done if Take Two does not fund the last stretch of developement. As a last measure Take Two proposed to buy the Duke IP for an undisclosed sum of money and on terms which were unacceptable (according to 3DR) and so 3D Realms has been forced to let go the DNF developement team.

While Take Two holds the rights to publish DNF, 3D Realms "retains certain rights to sell the game directly to the public" and can and will license the Duke IP to other companies to create various Duke games.

The press release ends with talk about the recent lawsuit and how 3DR believes that it is unfounded and "merely a bully tactic to obtain ownership of the Duke Nukem franchise".

Click through to see the text in full.

Thanks Shacknews for the original report.

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