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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Free Hosting for Duke Sites

Category: Site News
by TX, on Fri May 22 2009, 02:55AM

Hey guys, we've decided to go ahead with our plan to offer hosted sites here on Duke4. This is a step towards having another sort of Duke megacenter as Dukeworld was back in the late 90s. What we're going to do now is start accepting applications for hosting, and as soon as we get 10 or so that we want to go through with I'll set everything up and you guys can start hosting your content here instead of having to find your own hosting somewhere else.

As for the hosting capabilities:

  • No bandwidth limits
  • No real disk space limits (though if you start taking up enough that I actually notice it, expect me to be looking)
  • Offers the latest versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, et cetera
  • FTP access
  • Everything will be personally managed by me on service graciously donated by Plagman
  • Free to all sites pertaining to Duke or Build

Applications for hosting as well as questions and comments will be taken in this thread. Please don't apply unless you're going to have at least some sort of a site ready to go by the time we get 10 applications. People who are currently on PlanetDuke or other free hosting are especially encouraged to apply, because, well, our hosting is going to be better.

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