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Mysterious ´D-Day Preview´ Photo

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Sun Nov 29 2009, 09:44PM

thumb_dday.jpgWe've been hesitant to post this image that appeared on a Duke Nukem Facebook fan page, which may or may not be endorsed by Scott Miller of 3D Realms.  It's not known whether this is an actual Duke Nukem Forever screenshot, a photoshop job, or a screenshot of a new game that uses assets from DNF.

The setting of the picture is similar to the stadium from the leaked DNF demo reel and screenshots, but it has been posted under "D-Day Pics" in the Facebook profile.  Also, some have speculated that the character in the image is an EDF (Earth Defense Force) soldier.

There are also rumors of a new DNF or Duke-related trailer, which I would like to confirm as baboon shit until there is solid evidence for a said trailer.

Update: Our community member JobivanHiob, who is a Facebook friend of Scott, has confirmed that Miller created the fan page, and that he shared a viewing of an unknown trailer with former 3D Realms employee Jeron Moore.  Scott also posted a message on his Facebook saying that "the trailer rocks"--we don't know what trailer he's is talking about, and we still have no information on the origin of the "D-Day" image, but we'll update this news item with details as/if they become available.  In the meantime, we're wondering if this might have anything to do with the "big and unexpected" announcement.

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