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3D Realms vs. Take-Two: The Showdown

Category: 3D Realms
by Duke Nukem, on Mon Apr 05 2010, 05:53AM

betallonduke_thumb.jpgWe don't normally post news items to accompany new polls, but tonight's is a special one.

For those that need some catching up--the story goes a little something like this:  In May of last year, Take-Two, which holds the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever, filed a breach of contract lawsuit against 3D Realms over George Broussard's alleged failure to deliver the game since development began in 1997.  Consequently, the fate of 3D Realms as an inhouse developer, and the fate of Duke Nukem Forever as a 3D Realms title now remain in question.

Now then, in our latest poll we ask the fans what they think will be the outcome of this lawsuit.  Will 3D Realms come out victorious, or will Take-Two reaffirm the alleged validity of this photo through a victory of its own?

As you ponder the answer to this question and contemplate voting, remember that our fragile democracy was secured by men who marched across their countries and traveled abroad to fight for it with their lives.  It is in the spirit of democracy and the endeavors of these brave souls that you, the fans, must exercise your right to vote.  We ask not that you go even across the street to the ballot (as you would during a political election)--no, kind sirs--we ask that you simply click the appropriate radio button in our poll box within the comfortable confines of your homes!

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