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Duke Nukem Forever Updated Hands-On Preview - Multiplayer and Weapons

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Tue May 10 2011, 07:57PM

This is GameSpot's follow-up to the previous video we posted.

People have been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever for…a long time. The wait will finally be over this June when the game hits store shelves. While the single-player game will offer a substantial adventure with several new features, the multiplayer will, in many ways, pay tribute to the old-school, twitchy, sci-fi deathmatch games of yesteryear. The game will have four different multiplayer modes: Dukematch (free-for-all deathmatch), Team Dukematch (team-based deathmatch), Hail to the King (a king-of-the-hill mode with randomly spawning control points), and Capture the Babe (the game's highly talked-up take on capture the flag, which we'll get to later). We got our hands on the game's multiplayer and have much to report. 

thumb_dukeburgerinterior_1080.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_5_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_1_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_2_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_3_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_4_thumb.jpg

And here's a 27-minute interview where GameSpot's Laura Parker sits down with Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford for a detailed conversation about managing expectations, the reasons behind the latest delay, his response to the Fox News controversy and much, much more. (Thanks FoxMulder)

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