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Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded - Status Update

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Wed Aug 17 2011, 12:39AM

A small status update from the team:

We are currently working hard, at finishing the first playable version of Duke Nukem Reloaded.  The game was well recieved at Gearbox Software, and we have had a big media package, in-game trailer, and a "Behind the Scenes" documentary ready, for a few months. But unfortunately we can't share any of this with you just yet.  Just as you are waiting for the next official news about Duke Nukem Reloaded, we are waiting for Gearbox Software to allow us to release what we have been working on.

The game is looking and playing great. We have been striving for a high-end, next generation look with a much darker theme than Duke Nukem Forever. Even though we can't release our media package just yet, you can take a look at the Samaritan Demo from Epic. The mood, setting, and the graphical features are the same.


We are currently around 80% finished with the multiplayer beta, and we are playing daily matches.  The image above is from the Epic Samaritan Techdemo, which resembles the current graphical style in Duke Nukem Reloaded.  Without your support, this would never have happened. Once Gearbox Software decides that it's time for Duke Nukem Reloaded to be unleashed, you will know.

We are ready! We are just waiting for the "Go!"

Frederik Schreiber
Project Lead

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