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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Gearbox Software Files Lawsuit Against 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment

Category: Gearbox
by Green, on Sun Feb 23 2014, 05:21PM

Gearbox Software has today filed a lawsuit against 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment for allegedly infringing on their Duke Nukem intellectual property rights and trademarks in producing 'Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction', a Duke Nukem title rumoured to be in development by Interceptor Entertainment with the involvment of 3D Realms, without any permission granted to either party by Gearbox Software or any legal right do to so granted to either party in the 2010 asset purchase agreement for the Duke Nukem intellectual property.
This case stems from efforts to illegally exploit Gearbox’s intellectual property rights in the Duke Nukem video game franchise. Specifically, Defendants Interceptor and 3DR have colluded to misappropriate and make infringing use of the Duke Nukem trademarks and copyrights owned by Gearbox.
'Exhibit C' of the filed complaint seems to discuss elements of the asset purchase agreement including 3D Realms retaining of the rights to several Duke Nukem titles that were in development at the time of the asset purchase by Gearbox Software that seem to include the Duke Nukem Trilogy that was in production by Apogee Software, LLC. at the time and another prior to now unheard of Duke Nukem game entitled 'Survivor'. 3D Realms claim that 'Duke Nukem: Survivor', title that they previously held the rights to under the asset purchase agreement, is the same as the 'Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction' title, simply using a different name, that was allegedly in development by Interceptor Entertainment and is the cause of the filed complaint against Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms.
Gearbox does not believe, as you reportedly claim, that this new project was formerly known as “Survivor”

Recently—and without consulting the Duke IP’s actual owner, Gearbox— Interceptor announced its intent to develop a Duke Nukem game based upon the variouscharacters, content and intellectual property owned by Gearbox; the proposed game is entitled “Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction.” Apparently, after selling its Duke Nukem IP rights to Gearbox in 2010, 3DR sought to privately convince others that the sale never happened. The result is the unauthorized development effort that reportedly exists between 3DR and Interceptor.
Meanwhile the 'All Out Of Gum' teaser website discovered earlier this month that previously displayed a countdown has been updated to display an 'Emergency Broadcast System' announcement accompanied by background audio that sounds reminicient of a scene from a science fiction film.

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Few could have predicted...

Category: Duke Nukem
by Green, on Mon Feb 03 2014, 01:31PM

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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Coming to iOS on January 9th

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Fri Jan 03 2014, 04:43AM

DNMP was originally a 2002 PC game that was ported to the Xbox Live Arcade in 2010 (read our review here).  3D Realms founder Scott Miller has since updated his Facebook cover photo to show the game being played on an iPhone, and the rumored release date is January 9!

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Joe Covers 20th Anniversary of Duke II

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Wed Dec 04 2013, 06:06AM

duke2_20th.pngJoe Siegler, former 3D Realms employee, reflects on the 20th anniversary of original Apogee games Duke Nukem II and Blake Stone.  It's worth a read!
It’s December 3rd, 2013.   That means that 20 years ago, it was December 3rd, 1993.   What is the big deal with that?  Well, a company I worked for released two new games on that date.  “Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold”, and “Duke Nukem II”.   That’s right, Apogee (my Apogee, not the current one – from here referred to as just “Apogee”) put out a couple of new games that day.   If I was still at my former job, this is the kind of piece I’d write for the website.  But I’m not there anymore, and I didn’t want the dates to pass unremarked.  So here we go.  A few thoughts from me on these two titles.

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ModDB Mod of the Year - Vote for DNF 2013

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Tue Dec 03 2013, 03:25AM

Please show your support for DNF 2013 and its DLC by voting before December 10th!

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DNF 2013 DLC Released!

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Mon Nov 25 2013, 05:07AM

Remember this mod?  It just got 10 times more amazing.  This epic bike bit reminds me of the last level in Halo 1!

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Duke3D Multiplayer Beta on Steam Now!

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Sun Oct 06 2013, 06:02AM

Our friends BlackSpawn and Mikerz sent word today that Duke3D Megaton players on Steam can start beta-testing the muliplayer co-op and deathmatch modes of the game:

Just to let you know, the Multiplayer BETA for Duke Nukem MEGATON (Steam Version) is up. All you have to do is right click on the Duke Nukem Megaton game in your library, Select "Properties," click on the "Betas Tab" and choose"Public BETA."
I tried getting a game together with four people from the community, but it didn't work out due to lag. In the end, Phayzon and I, who both live in the United States, were able to get co-op working. Still, the multiplayer is in beta stages and international play might be difficult.
thumb_megatonmp2.jpg thumb_megatonmp2.jpg
thumb_megatonmp2a.jpg thumb_megatonmp2.jpg
Above, Phayzon and I took screenshots of one another. Unbeknownst to us both, we happened to have shots of nearly the same exact moments after we compared our image files!

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Duke3D HRP v5.3 and DukeDC HRP v1.6 Out!

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Mon Sep 30 2013, 07:18PM


Gameplay Shots:
New Character Models:
New Item Models:

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Pre-Order Shadow Warrior Now!

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Fri Sep 06 2013, 05:12AM

This new trailer is hilarious! The game comes out on September 26.  Pre-order now and save money!

The only thing I wish was different is the voice actor.  But maybe I'll come to appreciate him when I play the game.

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Pre-order Rise of the Triad & Get 3 Free Games!

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Thu Jul 04 2013, 01:18AM

Rise of the Triad, an over-the-top gore-fest of a shooter paying a tribute to the 1990s roots of the FPS genre by re-envisioning one of its memorable classics, is available for pre-order for only $14.99 on With your pre-order you'll receive it's classic predecessor Rise of the Triad: Dark War, as well as Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike for FREE!

rott_gog.jpgFrom the depths of first-person shooter history a legendary game arises, reborn to deliver yet another generation of gamers onto the pastures red with blood and guts! The title that succeeded in turning the 1994 holiday season into a trigger-happy fragtastic mayhem has been given a new lease on life and is on its way to our computer screens. Sporting top-notch modern graphics and animation it will also retain its original gory-but-funny spirit, skillfully catering both to our nostalgia and modern gaming needs. Yes, Rise of the Triad is coming to, and pre-ordering today comes with special benefits!

Rise of the Triad has everything that made its predecessor so memorable, from zany weapons, through gory visuals, down to the frantic multi-player mayhem. Talking about multi-player, our DRM-free version will be mulitplayer-compatible with all other versions, so you'll get to go fragging your friends whatever their preferred game delivery system might be. While the game looks and feels very 2013, the developers went out of their way to recreate that special RotT feel. Just look!
Don't wait one moment! Pre-order your copy of Rise of the Triad today, for only $14.99 on and get Rise of the Triad: Dark WarBlake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike for FREE!

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