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"Duke repelled an entire alien invasion, ripped of alien heads and shit down their necks, and all the while, smoking, drinking and saving babes....without Spartan armor! Advantage NUKEM! :)"



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Xbox Live Arcade: Duke3D Tidbits

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Wed Aug 20 2008, 03:56AM


Here's some information I've learned about the game through the official thread:

- Regarding music, GB says, "We found a better midi instrument file but that was it. The music all in all sounds like the original game if you had a decent sound card back then."

- The game is 75 MB in size (larger than the PC version due to foreign language fonts and "other things."

- Regarding release date, GB says, "We have an official release date now. We can't say anything about it just yet, but will keep you posted as we get near the date."

My personal opinion on the changes/additions of the game in comparison to the PC version: All in all, I don't think there will be any graphical updates except for native 720p support (1280x720 resolution) which I think would be a logical choice. There will be a new online component to the game of course, to allow for Dukematch (deathmatch) over Xbox Live. Online co-op might be a possibliity, but I don't think there will be any other multiplayer modes.

8/21 Update: Confirmed: OXM Dates Original Duke Nukem for XBLA in September

OXM sat down with George Broussard (co-owner of 3D Realms) and he's quoted as saying that XBLA "seemed like the perfect platform [on which to] update and re-release the game." He also states that doing all the work for this XBLA release got them up to speed on all the pieces they'll need to get Duke Nukem Forever certified by Microsoft.

OXM even goes so far as to tease that the game could drop in September.

And if this confirmation's got you interested, consider that this re-release will have 8-player online co-op, recordable (and uploadable) user gameplay clips, Vision camera support for the lobbies, and the ability to rewind time within the single player game. Duke Nukem got a Braid?

8/22 Update: X08: XBLA Duke adds saved films, rewind feature

According to a Microsoft representative at X08 in Toronto, Duke Nukem 3D will include two new features when it releases "sometime in September": a saved film and gameplay rewind feature. As explained by the rep, the rewind function allows players to rewind a portion of the game if they had a particularly enthralling firefight with LARD troops or to undo any major mistakes (e.g. including death). The saved film feature works as you would imagine, players are able to take saved clips from multiplayer and share them online with friends.

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