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"Don't worry. When I say tech complete, I mean we could ship if all the content were done. It's fairly easy to add and update shaders and we do so all the time."



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GB Quotes on Duke3D XBLA

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Wed Aug 27 2008, 01:37AM

xbla_std.jpg Using an army of sexually transmitted bacteria which we have trained and tamed for domestic uses, has extracted every nook and cranny George ever spit out about zeh game on zeh official forums. Indeed, he's had much to say about the game outside of those previews various game sites been churning out.

- We're planning an Xbox 360 theme and a couple of gamerpic packs.

- This was a pretty short project, all in all. It was done in 2008.

- People don't really understand how much work [redoing the game's graphics] would be. Duke 3D is a "real" game, meaning that it has a lot of scope and assets, even for an old game. As they stand, Doom and Duke 3D have more content that 99% of XBLA games. The Bionic Commando remake is fantastic but that was probably a 20 man team on that game for a year. We had 3-4 people on this for 6 months and still managed to add a tremendous amount of cool features.

There's no way we could have updated 5000 textures or turned things into a real 3D engine.

- You can chat during the match. Taunt away, or talk to your buddies "I have the blue key", or "At the Battlelord - will wait for backup."

- We're still playing with the ranked playlist and will probably tweak it after launch. You can play any map in Player Match, but we wanted all the Ranked maps to truly be good for Dukematch, since you don't get to pick which one you play on.

- Play the game once and enjoy it, then you can speed run each level, level by level, for the time trial leaderboards.

- The post-boss movies are included.

- You can turn off vertical look, yes. If defaults to on, because it feels more like a modern shooter. With the auto-aim it plays really well and feels less limiting. But, you can turn it off.

- Once you jump into a clip, it is no longer eligible for leaderboard uploads.

- You can't set the hud to only show ammo and health, without the huge bar on the bottom, because we though this was the best solution, overall.

- You can turn off the new damage blur effect if you don't like it.

- You can also turn off the sidebar art if you prefer to just have black.

- The game is locked at 60fps and you can bi-linear filter the screen with a slider. Takes some of the edge off.

- You can tweak the turning speed. I can assure you the game isn't slow in any way. If anything it's like a monkey on crack.  This seems like something you'd want, but really, for the game, being a classic game, and not a modern Halo-style shooter, you really want the auto aim. Trust me. It just plays better.

- Auto-aim in online servers cannot be turned off. The game action is so blindingly fast in contract to current FPS games that I think it will take people by surprise, and put a few off. You die in seconds, over and over. It's great, I think. We can't get enough of Hollywood Holocaust.

- I don't know who would make downloadable content or where they would come from, or how to do it on XBLA, but if the game sells enough and there's interest - all things are possible.

- About custom-made user levels--sorry, this was really not possible and way beyond the scope and time we had for this project. I think you will find that this version of the game is the gold standard for Duke 3D and well worth it, even without a level editor.

- About game music: We found a better midi instrument file but that was it. The music all in all sounds like the original game if you had a decent sound card back then.

- Size of the game: I think it's around 75 megs. Too large for a memory card, unfortunately. There were some foreign language fonts and other things that drove the size up.

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