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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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More Duke3D XBLA Tidbits, DNF Media "Coming"

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Sun Sep 07 2008, 04:10PM

George made a thread at the Xbox 360 forums where he's answering questions about Duke3D. Someone also asked about DNF, so we're going to include that at the top:

Any chance of releasing more DNF media? Nothing to do with Duke3D, but what the fuck.

It's coming and we're thinking about things.

Click below for all the Duke3D tidbits, although you might want to check the thread too, in case there are more quotes from George that are posted after the date of this news item.

Will the map ''Rabid Transit'' be included in ranked matches?

A quick look at the title storage list says no, but we could easily add it, possibly before launch, and certainly after. We plan to update the list based on requests once people start playing the game.

    Is it true that you can adjust the screen size?

Yes, vertically, any size from full screen to smaller. You can also turn off the sidebars if you don't like the art, and prefer black bars.

    Is it going to have splitscreen?

Unfortunately, no. We had limited time and resources and figured we were better off focusing on online play (which is fairly robust for an XBLA game), where we feel most of the players would be. We know there's a percentage of people that like to play split screen on the same console, though.

    Will there be a level select option or will we have to play an entire episode just to reach a level we want to play like in XBLA Doom?

There's a mission/level select menu. As you unlock levels you can re-enter them at any point in the future if you want to play a specific level again.

    Once you make a game like this, i.e. porting it from one platform to another, how difficult is it to then add other levels and add-ons?

The difficulty would come from making them, not making them accessible from the game.

    Will the entire episode of L.A. Meltdown be free? Unlike in DOOM XBLA, only the first level was free.

I believe the first two levels are in the trial We struggled with this and what to do and in the end we decided that the first two levels are representative enough for someone to make a buying decision. If you played the old game, you know what you are getting. If you hate the first two levels, then 4 more aren't going to change your mind. Plus, this isn't a $40 or even a $20 decision, so...

    Will Duke It Out In DC ever appear on XLBA as an DLC for Duke3D?

There are no current plans for that, but who knows? All things are possible.

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