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"It's pretty faithful to the Duke 3D one with some updates to be more modern and a few thousand poly's vs a 2D sprite :)"



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Happy New Year! - Fan Art 2010 Page Launched!

Category: Site News
by Yatta, on Fri Jan 01 2010, 12:31AM

We've got 17 new pieces of fan art, exclusively available at!  Many thanks to Micki for gathering all these images so that we could put them up on the site, and many thanks to every artist who contributed to the page.  Here are a few samples from Anders/Joel, OttoMoto, and Steven Ward, respectively:

There you go.  Another year gone by, another year of die-hard fans still not giving up on Duke; no other game has dedicated fans like this. is now home to over 120 pieces of Duke Nukem art, so check the fan art page to view content dating all the way back to our first exclusives from 2005!

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