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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Officially Coming to Xbox Live Arcade!

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Thu May 27 2010, 05:47PM

6/11/2010 Update: The game (and free demo) will be out June 23rd for 800 Microsoft points!

We have had several news items in the past speculating on the release of DNMP to the Xbox Live Arcade.  Those rumors have now been confirmed as the official Xbox 360 website now as its own DNMP page.  Check it out:

According to the page, the game runs at 1080p (that's a resolution of 1920x1080) but we'll see if this includes the game itself as opposed to just the menus.  The release date is still "to be determined."

Thanks for the heads up Para-noir!  And worry not--we're never closing.

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