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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Review

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Wed Jun 30 2010, 02:13AM

yatta_dnmp_thumb.jpgWe recently announced the Xbox Live Arcade of this 2002 classic--if you've never heard of DNMP before, you had better brush up with Wiki.

If you did in fact play DNMP back when it came out on PC in 2002, you would remember it as a run and gun side-scrolling classic.  DNMP was probably the best third-party Duke Nukem game ever made, and while Sunstorm Interative went under in 2003 as a result of financial and staffing-related issues, 3D Realms was able to retrieve the rights to the game in order to port it to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Read Our Full Review of DNMP for XBLA

A special thanks to TerminX, Mblackwell, and Dennis for helping with the revision of this review.

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