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"It's OK and understandable that people are skeptical. What have we done to earn otherwise? I think things will reverse once we start to show the game and people see that it's real."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Press Coverage, Screenshots, and More

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Fri Sep 03 2010, 09:11PM

While we work behind the scenes to create pages to store the content to which the title of this news item refers to, here are some links where you'll find the respective information:

Official Duke Nukem Forever Website,

PAX Images/Videos/Interviews/Hands-on ( Forums - Contains more links to external content than what is listed below)

Screenshots / captures / news stories from Pax (Gearbox Forums)

Duke Nukem Forever Impressions: Two Girls, One Duke (Kotaku)

Duke Nukem Forever preview: Yeah, it's actually playable. No, really. (Joystiq)

Duke Nukem Forever is Not Bullshit (IGN)

Duke Nukem Forever Hands-on Preview (Shacknews)

2K Games Blog

9/5 Updates by RedSplat:

thumb_isaac.jpg Tramell Isaac,
former Art Director at 3D Realms wants everyone to know the truth.

HEAR THIS,.... a hand ful of guys that were on the team when internal development shut down at 3dr, took the game and finish it (PC version). These are the guys that truly made DNF happen. Triptych Games.

thumb_broussard.jpg George Broussard,
Triptych is made up of 9 3DR employees who refused to let the game go and we found a way through the legal maze to keep them working on the game and to keep the game alive. They have been the development force for the last year that's made the game possible.

What you see coming from PAX right now is what we originally made at 3DR with polish and additional work by Triptych and assistance from Gearbox.

Excellent article featured on
More details on how and by whom Duke Nukem Forever was resurrected

We'll try to keep this news item updated with all the latest links to delicious DNF content, at least until we've had the time to put up our own respective pages.  Thanks for being loyal fans, and please keep posting at our bustling discussion boards!

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