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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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09´s Plagman Recalls New DNF Trailer from PAX

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Thu Sep 09 2010, 05:24PM

I'd say the trailer was 2 minutes long or so. There was music, mostly metal.  Definitely not a teaser, we sat there for a while. I don't recall hearing the grabbag theme, it was just generic metal rythms as the action pumped up.

The first part of the trailer definitely had some orchestral/epic kind of stuff, but it was used at a set up. The beginning went like "a long time ago, a man saved the world; then he disappeared" (while showing views of the city and a golden statue of Duke posing like the cover of Duke3D). "When the aliens came back" (aliens, pig cops throwing the statue to the ground using rope) "they made only one mistake: they went after our babes." (Duke one-liner, metal music, clips of Duke kicking ass).

Then a bunch of one-liners cut with action scenes, strippers, etc. There was one scene where duke shattered a frozen enemy with a kick, another one where he stomped a shrunken pig cop. At one point he grabbed a dying pig cop by the horn and ripped the horn out with his hand. There was a clip of the three-breasted alien queen where he said "Hell, I'd still hit it". An alien sphincter/ship interior that looked very much like Prey.

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