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BLiGHT eDuke32 Mod

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Sun Jul 29 2012, 09:50PM


EmericaSkater writes:

BLiGHT is a project I started working on roughly a year ago after inspiration in a number of Zdoom mods culminated in me wanting to create a similar experience with eDuke. I rocked along with that goal for about the first six months, but as I worked on it and brainstormed more, I felt like leaving it just at "Duke mod that borrows from Zdoom mods" would've been selling the concept short, so I changed tracks and restructured certain aspects of the mod, gearing it towards being standalone. That goal's finally been accomplished, it's gone through a bit of third-party testing with the reception being largely positive, so I figure it's ready for a formal announcement/development thread. What I posted in the WIP thread a few days ago was actually using an older version of the mod's weapons, which I'm (kinda) trying to salvage in something else. BLiGHT, however, remains the focus.

Anywho, here's a little gameplay video with me prattling on about it like a moron, feel free to mute it if you can't take my dumb voice - -

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