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Community Build Project 8: Metropolitan Starlight RELEASED!

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Sun Jul 29 2012, 10:08PM

Micky C sends word:
There have been several Duke maps released over the past month or so, so don't forget to check out the forums for those tasty treats. But today marks the release of no ordinary map, but a Community Build Project, where 10 or so mappers from around the planet join forces and combine their skills and effort to spit out a single, large, high quality and "f**king epic" singleplayer map.

The mappers involved with this particular CBP are: Mike Norvak, Michael "Micky C" Crisp, Paul "High Treason" Monteray, Mister Sinister, Maarten van Oostrum, Merlijn van Oostrum, Captain Awesome, Forge, quakis, and William Gee.

In reality there have been more than 8 CBP's, however lets not get into the trivialities of naming conventions and instead provide you with the description:

After 6 months of work, here is Community Build Project 8: Metropolitan Starlight, a huge space-city themed map (file size is 1.1 mb!) that will take you anywhere between 30-50 minutes to complete. There was a long beta testing period where a lot of cross-polishing was done where content was added/polished/slightly changed to aim for a more consistent look throughout, while still maintaining the variety that comes with having multiple mappers. So we hope it is worth the wait. The map makes some use of TROR, and has been designed for polymer with lights disabled, but is also 97% classic renderer compatible for those with polymer issues. HRP is NOT supported, use at your own risk. There is an original music track by Norvak.

The "story" is as follows:

Duke comes out of the restroom to find his beloved domed city in orbit around the Earth has been overrun by aliens. You must explore the city and find a way to unlock the central spire which contains a nuke button that causes the city to self-destruct, as it's the only way to guarantee wiping out all the alien scum before they make it to Earth.

There are a lot of cool areas in this map, but rather than spoiling them with tonnes of photos, just look at this one, and experience the rest yourself!


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