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The Hidden Faces of 3DR

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Mon Feb 26 2007, 02:30AM

This news item is a follow-up to our other 3D Realms-related announcements, most of which concern company employees.

Recent and undisclosed discoveries have let us to believe that Mark Skelton is now working at 3D Realms. Skelton's website, which is no longer available, can be viewed through a January 2006 Wayback Machine archive. Why is this significant? Because Mark has been involved in some blockbuster Blizzard projects related to Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft.

Perhaps it is also worth mentioning that Skelton found his way into the gaming industry through working on the game G-Nome at the company 7th Level; the same is also true of his 3DR colleague Chris DeSimone.

Aside from that, new information reveals that Samuel Arshlevon Sharit provided 3D Realms with some high polygon models of NPC's for generating Normal Maps back in March 2005.

Raphael Van Lierop, who worked on the hugely acclaimed Company of Heroes, is now the creative director of 3D Realms, and spends his time working on "very cool shit." Raph "3.0" has responsibility for helping out 3DR CEO Scott Miller with expanding the number of third party games planned by the company.

Apparently, 3D Realms' newest trademark application is for "Earth No More."

Remember the Prey Super Trailer? The guy who made it, better known as Jeron Moore, is apparently working at 3D Realms as well. Check out "Jeron's Companies" under his MySpace profile.

Another new hire is Artist Ben Eoff, and Bryan Brewer's talk where he mentioned the 3DR hires implies that he is also a new employee of the company.

To summarize everything, here is a list of unannounced employees whom we believe are currently working at 3D Realms:

*H. Scott Maclean, Level Designer, previously of Ritual.

*John "HAL9000" Schuch, Level Designer, previously of Ritual.

*Richard Lee, Concept Artist.

*Rick Huenink, Lead Designer, previously of The Collective.

*T. Ray Isaac, Art Director, previously of Obsidian.

*Brian Lawson, Programmer, previously of Obsidian.

*Mark Skelton, Artist (Presumably), previously of Obsidian.

*Raphael Van Lierop, Creative Director), previously of Relic Entertainment.

*Bryan Brewer, Animator.

*Jeron Moore, Associate Producer/Audio Director.

*Ben Eoff, Artist

*Bryan Brewer
News item last updated 03/13/2007.

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