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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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DNF Mentioned in June Issue of PC Gamer (US)

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Thu Apr 19 2007, 09:32PM

Ultra Tree 85 from the 3D Realms forums has discovered the following except in the June issue of PC Gamer:

Remember those slick decoder rings you played with as a kid? How you sent indecipherable notes to your best friend about how gross that girl sitting next to you was? Well, at PC Gamer, we love secrets, and since we always have our well-trained, doctor-like hands on the pulse of the gaming industry, we'll have some tasty inside info for you next month. Is Duke Nukem Forever finally being released? Hey, it could happen.
Stand by as we report on any news we find in the July edition of PC Gamer.

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Update: 8:00 PM - Shitload of quotes from George Broussard (thanks to Kristian Joensen):
Click each quote to be taken to the source:

I have no idea what tasty info they could be talking about. Someone at PCG feel free to contact me - I'm curious The more and more we talk about it, the more I'm pretty sure we'll lead off with releasing our own videos of the game, then do press after that. We'll see, but thats certainly the prevailing attitude internally.

Sorry gang. I don't know what they are talking about. Maybe some rumors or something, or maybe just a teaser to sell magazines.

I bet you it's that Gamasutra ad pic I posted a couple months ago. Magazines are always behind on things like that, so this makes sense.

You'll find more interesting things to do with strippers.

We're very likely to show some stuff this year, maybe a lot, and resist the urge for screenshots bi-weekly. But, at this point, you all deserve to see more than screenshots, so we're waiting till the time is right so you see more than "Hey, look....pretty".

A lot of the stuff we see mentioned is in, in one form or another. A lot is not, or outside the scope of this game (really, we do impose some limits!). It's uncanny to read a forum post and it's so dead on that you think it's an employee account or a leak. It's really hard to keep track of all the ideas as we get tons of them internally, or just reading the net (ideas suggested for all games), or from movies, or whatever.

Yeah. Duke 3D interactivity x 1000. At least in terms of scope and number of things you can mess with.

Multi-core support is in and quite nice. We all run Core Duo 6600's and 7950/8800, ati 1900 level cards. Multi-core is the future and the game is pretty much going to require it. You really have to, to make a game competitive with modern consoles, or beyond. One cpu isn't enough anymore. 64 bit will come, but is lower priorty. Vista/64 bit isn't a priority for us at the moment.
Seriously, thanks to Apache at Voodoo Extreme. We got *a lot* of visitors after they linked us.

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