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"Taking pills, drinking and smoking in a game would be in bad taste. Too bad Duke doesn't care, and enjoys his vices."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Fan Art 2005

Micki's Exclusives:
What If #2
New Years '06
What If...

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Pig Cop Re-design
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Concept Process

Art by RedSplat:
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Art by Martin DeMonfort:
3D Realms Comic
3DR Comic 2
3DR Comic 3
The Copparoo
Duke Nukem Forever
At the Movies
Duke Toon
Hail to the King!

Art by Micki Johannsen:
Diving Duke
DNF Comic
Duke Nukem 2005
Hail to the King
Duke on a Mule
Duke Shouldn't Smoke
Getting a Clean Shot
Octa Avenger
Pig Cop Vacation
Political Duke
Remember the Battlelord
Shhh, Shit Happens
Shit Happens
Southpark Nukem
The Octabrain
Tiny Duke
Viva Lé Duke
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