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"It's pretty faithful to the Duke 3D one with some updates to be more modern and a few thousand poly's vs a 2D sprite :)"



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke3D Weapons

Mighty Foot

Feel like kicking some alien crumbum's ass? Press the default 1 key to slip into a pair of steel, or press the tilde key for a little extra kick to your attacks.

The sidearm Duke trusts most. With a magazine capacity of twelve rounds and a decent range of accuracy, this pistol will hold the fort down until you get more powerful weaponry.

This work of art has a pistol grip and bears the Nukem insignia. It's strong enough to punch a hole in weaker foes and does severe damage to more massive ones, and its choke is narrow enough to give a generous peppering to more distant foes.

A three-barreled machinegun from Hell. Tears enemies to shreds in no time flat, with its only serious flaw being its ability to chew through beltfeed quicker than it kills.

A wallop packed in a traveling metallic rod. The radius and strength contained proves mightily useful for clearing the masses and delivering morbid pain unto even the largest of adversaries. May want to have an umbrella handy for the rain of gibs.

Slip this little device into a crevice or under the enemies feet for a surprising kill. Great for traps, or if you need to take down a structure without the risk of getting yourself blown up. Should be in a survivor's kit or something.

Be the bigger life form and bring your foes down to action figure size. They'll roam about helplessly until you put your foot down on the situation. It's also a useful means of slipping through small crevices by reflecting it off a mirror to shrink yourself. Beware, however, as you will now be subject to squishing for a short while.

Fattens up aliens faster than a Ballpark frank. Scumbags will slowly grow into such an enormous size that their flesh will no longer be able to take the pressure. Eventually a violent explosion will occur, tossing gibs in random directions and dealing damage to immediate surroundings.

A furious weapon that lives up to its name. The Devastator is mounted with two barrels, each firing two small Stinger rockets. Alternating fire, Duke unleashes a flurry of these small explosives to wreak havoc on the enemy and the environment, able to take down the larger foes with ease.
Trip Bomb

Another handy tool no Duke should be without. Just walk up to a wall and plant it and you have either a deadly trap to blow the shit out of the unfortunate soul who interrupts the laser, or a powerful tool to remotely detonate an object if you don't have any pipebombs handy.

Enemies won't have a choice but to chill out upon retrieval of this cannon. It fires frozen, bouncing bursts of ice that will harden the target down to the core. The effects only last a few seconds, which is long enough to walk up to them and kick them into pieces.