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"Taking pills, drinking and smoking in a game would be in bad taste. Too bad Duke doesn't care, and enjoys his vices."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke3D Enemies

Protozoid Slimer

The simplest creature you'll find in the game and the easiest to deal with. They're hard to hit when they're flubbing between the floor and the ceiling, but the only way they can attack is by crawling on your face to try to suck out your brain matter. Firing a weapon or kicking the air will get them off you. They are often spotted in large eggs.

These familiar marine predators pose a surprisingly minimal threat. Not normally a bothersome creature in the game and only capable of causing harm worth noticing when in large packs. A low priority frag to make.

A mounted double-barreled laser cannon with one target in mind: Duke. They can become quite an annoyance, so it's never too soon to destroy them. If you don't have the time or ammo to focus on them, you can knock off their sensors for a few seconds with a well-placed bullet.
Assault Trooper

The standard grunt of the invading force, this weakling carries a small plasma sidearm and a jetpack. Troopers can only carry a real threat in large packs, as they go down easy. They sometimes drop pistol clips compatible with Duke's sidearm.
Assault Captain

Like their lower green counterparts, these grunts pack a small laser pistol and fly with a jetpack. They're a little tougher as they can also teleport around the area to get a better shot. Also drops pistol clips.
Sentry Drone

This piece of alien machinery is floating death. When you hear it's shrieking and humming, you've been spotted and marked. Like a bull, it will charge at you and lay a devastating, explosive blow to you. Also like a bull, it's large and not so easy to miss with bullet weapons from a moderate distance. It can, however, dodge rockets and other slower projectiles.
Pig Cop

Victims of both alien mutation and a common misconception of crooks, these police officers have been transformed into pigs. They're armed with a shotgun that's devastating up-close and can take a beating, but it takes a handful of them to constitute a real threat. Can be convinced to give their weapons to you, if you have enough ammo.

Bearing trifocal vision, tentacles, razor-sharp teeth and claws, and the largest brainmass of all your adversaries, Octabrains are rugged and tough villains with a leathery hide and a lethal series of attacks utilizing mental blasts and vicious chomps. Equally as deadly in both water and air.
Assault Enforcer

This adversary's first instinct is to jump to your level and let loose a barrage of bullets with his prosthetic chaingun if he doesn't decide to spit on you first. The reptilian fiend will usually drop a crate of chaingun ammo when killed, as well as something else that won't be as pleasant.
Pig Cop Recon Patrol Vehicle

An aerodynamic and maneuverable hovercraft manned by the above-mentioned mutated police force. They are swift and carry a side-mounted laser blaster. Not much is really required to drop them, but shooting them down in flames isn't normally enough to kill the determination of the pilot.
Protector Drone

Spawn of the queen bitch, protector drones are tall, fast, agile, and deadly creatures. Their trademark shriek is a terrifying battlecry that marks you for a beating. A few swipes are enough to knock anyone down and if they can't run or jump to where you are, they spit a nasty bolt of shrinker energy at you to make you more manageable prey.
Assault Commander

This weighty bastard floats about on his hover platform, shouting some of Duke's own one-liners back at him. If he can come within a close enough vicinity, he'll start spinning his bladed platform. If you aren't close enough to be subject to this attack, he'll prepare his organic port on the bottom of his craft to fire rockets at you. When you put him down, he might leave small stinger rockets to use with the Devistator.
Pig Cop Riot Tank

Even alien scum know that desperate times call for desperate measures. These vehicles are death on treads. They have two mounted double-barrel machineguns, a spread laser cannon, and a high-velocity mortar launcher. Avoid them if you don't have to get past them and if you're close enough, you'll find something useful on their back.



These nightmarish monstrosities oversee the havoc wrought on Earth by their lower grunts. There is the Head Battlelord who towers above most and can take more of a beating than a tank, and there are smaller and less tolerant variants. Both are armed with deadly streetsweepers that will make mincemeat of anyone that comes into view, whether by means of spread ammo or grenades. Cover is necessary to lay them out.

With a face that even a mother would hate, this goon is in charge of the lunar and spacial assault. His thick armor and skin makes him harder to kill and he has a dual rocket launcher on his back. Expect a relentless volley of explosives when you're in range.
Cycloid Emperor

The leader of the invading force, this mechanically enhanced beast seeks to destroy or enslave the human race and masterminded the lunar distraction. He's fast and won't hesitate to crush you with his feet, his claws release a line of rockets, and opening his mouth creates a wave of lasers and mental orbs.

Nesting in the deep waters of an alien location, the Queen gives birth every few seconds to new Protector Drones. To add to the harm caused by her broodlings, she issues a shocking bolt of electricity through her nest. Look to surface when you see her charging, then move in for the kill before the drones take you.