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"Taking pills, drinking and smoking in a game would be in bad taste. Too bad Duke doesn't care, and enjoys his vices."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Article - Duke Nukem Forever media

by yossa on Thursday 09 September 2004

In this article we delve into the very mind of a typical gamer new to this whole "DNF stuff".

A couple of hours after I was invited to join the staff of this fine website a little lightbulb lit up inside my head. "I know how to make different!" it said to me, "You'll just have to force the idea of not having any media from the game until 3D Realms decides to release something new." Naturally I clapped my hands in joy - now that would truly separate us from the other DNF fan sites. We would embrace the 3DR's policy of forgetting about the stuff that has no longer relevance to the current state of the game. With this thought on my mind I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up determined to write a disclaimer which would be put in the media section, explaining why there's no actual media in there. The problem is that all the released screenshots were already uploaded and published on said page. I lost all my vigor, I lost all my determination, I was deflated like a popped balloon. The first step to being generic was done.

So, what's the big deal? Let's take a hypothetical user browsing the web in search for DNF news. And no, I'm not talking about a 3D Realms Forums user - they tend to be quite a different batch. This hypothetical lad stumbles on and, after a quick glance over the news, heads right to the screenshots! Make no mistake, he won't say to himself: "Ahh, same old screenshots from 1999, move along", he won't read the tiny disclaimer that's there right now, and think: "Tough luck, gotta wait for the hype to begin", last but not least he won't embrace the historical value of these outdated screenshots. Instead he'll exclaim: "What!? That's f###ing ugly!! I'm not buying this shit!" (I decided to spare you from the leet speak). The second thing our man will do is registering on the forums to share his feelings with us, which inevitably leads to the point of my ramblings: not every publicity is good publicity.

This is why I think it's bad idea to show everyone the same old media. If we don't have anything new to show, we shouldn't show anything.