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Article - How I Fell in Love with Duke Nukem 3D

by Gamebrain on Wednesday 21 September 2005

My story starts in the cold, blustery winter of 1996. I remember traveling out in the snow just to see my uncle to play DOOM 2: Hell on Earth. At the time, I did not have a computer. I was just being introduced to how computers worked and the games that could run on them. I was a big video gamer, even though I was a young, 8-year-old kid. At my own home, I played console games on my SNES, Playstation, and Sega Genesis. When I was at my uncle’s house, the only things I played were PC games such as DOOM. That’s pretty much how it stayed until one day when my uncle and I were talking about video games.

He told me that there was a new PC game coming out that was very much like DOOM, but he told me it was much better in terms of graphics and interactivity. I was excited about the game, but not enough for me to stop caring about my regular console games. Later that day, he took me onto the Internet and let me download the shareware version of “Duke Nukem 3D.”

After the download and installation were complete, I got in the computer chair and started up the game. I knew I was in for something really special. I saw Duke stand on top of a mountain of dead aliens and was in envy of him already. I began the game and started out on the rooftop in Hollywood Holocaust. I heard Duke’s voice for the first time when he said “Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.” I burst out in laughter and realized that there was nothing like this game in the world. As I ran around shooting aliens, I noticed that you could interact with many different things rather than being limited to using doors and switches. The security camera monitor, the movie projector; even the friggin’ toilets were usable. I knew that the game wouldn’t be a hit with just me, but many other gamers as well.

Duke Nukem 3D lead to many hours of gaming excitement. One of the biggest impacts it had on me was that it lead me to ask for my first computer from my parents. Later that Christmas, I received my first computer alongside Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition. I would sit at my computer countless times playing Duke 3D single player, multiplayer, and user-created maps I downloaded off of AOL. Not only was being on the computer entertaining, but it helped me learn my way around using technology and how it worked. So Duke Nukem 3D actually helped me in more ways than one. If I never played Duke Nukem 3D or never got into PC gaming itself, I think I would be a very different person in terms of computer-literacy. It fueled my appetite for PC gaming as I know it.

With that said, I am looking toward the future, especially toward the next game in the Duke Nukem series, Duke Nukem Forever. I never really despised 3D Realms for taking so long to make DNF. Although I wish it was out sooner, I cannot blame them for taking a long time to make a video game that they want to be awe-inspiring. As long as 3DR keeps focused, and keeps listening to the requests of their fans, I believe that DNF will turn out better than any other game in the past 5 years.

I am really looking forward to many things in DNF. I can’t wait for the casino scenes and the NPCs (including strippers) that you can interact with. I want to get out there to play some blackjack and kick some ass, all while chewing bubblegum. Duke should also have a load of new one-liners aimed to make players chuckle and laugh. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The little things that I expect to see in DNF will also make or break the fun factor of the entire game. I have high hopes that Duke Forever will blow every other game away in terms of interactivity and level of intertainment.

To sum things up, no one can predict all of what DNF will dish out. Just like in 1996 when I had no idea what to expect, gamers will probably be surprised at the things that weren’t expected to be in the game. One of the best things about an upcoming game is the anticipation, and right now, the anticipation couldn’t be any higher. Hope you are all ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Duke Nukem is coming back.