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Article - Revelations of a Gamer

by Orochi Avlis on Friday 28 April 2006

This is a short article about an epiphany I had.

This is my second article for I’ve been absent for a long time (sorry Yatta!), but I had an excuse because my PC was down for almost 2 months, and then school before that etc. It just kept piling on. But it doesn’t matter now I’m here.

During my absence (lack of a PC), I had time to think. My original article was going to be about Jack Thompson and his hypocrisy, but after getting to page 3, something in me just clicked. I don’t know what provoked it, but it happened.

What’s the point?

This single question put me into a deep profound thought. Not to deep though, I was at work and I didn’t want to look spaced out.
Anyways, I pondered about how can somebody be so uptight, hypocritical and to be blunt, moronic. But then I started remember about other things that were in similar situations. Rock and roll, porn and violence in movies all had their time in the limelight, and guess what? They are still around and bigger than ever.
Christian and PTA groups couldn’t shut those things down, and a few whack jobs and opportunists without any conclusive evidence won’t either, no matter how many soccer moms they brainwash with their propaganda.
I could go on about how Jack is an idiot, but what would happen as a result? Nothing. I’m just another faceless person on the internet with an opinion.
He makes outlandish claims and mocks us gamers. We push back. He bites back. We pull a bat, he pulls a gun and so forth.
He wants us to act aggressive and some gamers fall into his trap. That’s what lawyers do. They manipulate to achieve their selfish objectives.
Wow, I wrote more about him than I planned. Before moving on, there’s one thing I would like to say:
If anybody thinks gamers are aggressive and violent, try putting more taxes and restrictions and tobacco, booze and any other carnal (or other) pleasures.
Ban them even. You’ll see what upset people really look like and what they can do.

I also started thinking about how games are really an important part of my life. Sure I play a lot, but they aren’t essential. I mean there are more important things in life, but damn it, they keep drawing me in.

Then I started to think about fortunate I am to have the opportunities and economical stability (ATM) that others don’t have. How people are dying due to negligence, greed and deceit. How unfair society treats certain people because they don’t make enough as others. With that said, how unfair some companies treat their employees. Does games count for the long run or big picture? No it doesn’t.
I mean, is getting to the second level is more important that helping your fellow man?

We waste our energies worrying about how some moron is going to screw it up for us. And vice versa. I mean freaking out over a freaking sex scene in a game that minor should not have in the first place, is just pointless. Is that really going to make society better? To “protect” children from the harsh world? To play ignorant over issues that affect the day-to-day lives of everybody? If you ignore it, that means it doesn’t exist, thus making your own little world better, while others crumble at their feet.
They ban violent games, then what? People stop robbing stores? The economy balances out and everybody makes more than enough to get by? The educational system becomes infallible? The killing stops? Kids are no longer taunted and shunned by their peers at school?

Feels good to get this off of my chest. I’m sure there is more, but I can’t think of anything at the moment. Thank God for edit buttons. :p