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"Duke doesn't need a squad of team members, and he doesn't need to hide behind things, to kick ass. ;)"



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Article Writer and News Poster

Boring bits: 22 at the time of typing, male, single at the time of typing...but sorry guys, I'm not interested in men! But the girls out there (and they DO exist, just don't be jerks guys...remember who's an admin) - message me anytime!

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General Administrator

I started knocking around the Duke 3D community in 1998 after borrowing my friends copy of the game - I never gave him the CD back and still have it to this day! In my time I've made some fairly terrible D3D maps, some horrendously buggy .con addons (none of which I ever released), played far too many modem to modem Dukematches, and have read what feels like billions of forums posts about our favourite gaming personality. As a result, I have a head full of completely random facts about the Duke Nukem universe and the Build Engine.

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Keiron "ShepMode" Waites
Podcast Manager

I've been a member of the DNF community since around 2000. is one of the first sites I ever visited and one that I still visit regularly today. I favour over 3DRealms as it provides a lot of detailed posts about DNF, including in depth analysis of the smallest snippet of information . I'm hoping to make the podcast a regular and successful show to run before, during and after the release of Duke Nukem Forever.


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Article Writer and News Poster

First FPS I ever played that I liked was Duke Nukem 3D. I made a bunch of Build maps including stuff like my house, but I lost them all over 7 years ago. I started liking games more, messed around with more editing stuff. My next favorites were Kingpin and Unreal Tournament 1.

I've been gradually trying to suck less at that sort of thing, I worked on one thing that went to retail but it wasn't really that good at all (no it wasn't Big Rigs). I'm not holding my breath , thoughI haven't quit my day job, which is a kind of cool job.

I've been looking forward to DNF since 8th grade. At this point I'm hoping they don't try to add in so many popular gimmicks that it turns out being watered down, bloated and lame.

Likes: Games, TV, boobs, Dr.Pepper, movies.

Dislikes: Personal questions, clingy emotional internet people, Duke not materializing out of thin air to kick ass every time a Duke fan on a forum member makes frequent suggestive homo jokes towards other forum members, fans that are blinded by their own bullshit, and Pepsi.

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Article Writer and News Poster

Hello folks. I'm Mike. I'm just your typical college student working on his Digital Arts bachelors degree. I love doing stuff in Photoshop, flash, Illustrator, etc. I'm known as Gamebrain because over the years I have gained much knowledge about the history of video games. So, if you have a history question about gaming, I'll probably have an answer.

I've been a huge fan of Duke Nukem since I first played DN3D back in 96 when I was only 9. A lot of good memories come from playing Duke Nukem games and I eagerly await the release of DNF.

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News Writer

The whole thing started when Yatta contacted me and offered me a position in the administrative team. I was really happy to work and contribute for the community mainly because here I found people with the same taste in games and from the same era as I.

My real name is Panos and Im 23 at the time of typing. My first gaming experience is very old but the determinative moment was when I first played Hexen. From this moment and later I never stopped playing FPS.

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Technical Director and German News Writer

Discovered through Yatta, I found new friends and can help the team with technical problems (almost) every time. Beside the PC my hobbies are music-oriented, at this time I like to play (e-)guitars.

Auf gestoßen durch Yatta, hab ich hier schnell neue Freunde gefunden und kann dem Team bei technischen Problemen (fast) jederzeit zur Seite stehen. Neben dem PC haben sich meine Hobby`s auf die Musik ausgelegt, zur Zeit spiele ich häufig (E-)Gitarre.

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Article Writer and News Poster

In the beginning I was just a young kid, maybe around 4-5, playing old DOS games on the computer my father used for work. One of those games happend to be Duke Nukem II for PC, and I was automatically hooked. After I played Duke Nukem 3d, I knew that 3D Realms knew what they were doing. I signed up to their official forums and have been a fan ever since.

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Article Writer and News Poster

I met Yatta (who I like to call lovoxalot), because he wanted to play Alpha Centauri with me. Three years later, we still haven't gotten around to playing it, but he managed to get me to write articles for

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Article Writer

Old time gamer or old man gamer? You decide. I've been hooked on 3DR games since Commander Keen and company. When Wolf3D came out, I joined a small but dedicated group of underground Wolf3D mappers. It was a great time. But greater times came with the release of Duke 3D. I was awestruck by its attitude, humor and interactivity. I've been waiting for the Duke sequel ever since. I've kept a close eye on 3DR, making sure they get it right (Joe3DR describes my diligence as "annoying the developers".) I've been fodder for many-a-deathmatch, but I plan on recouping all my loses in DNF Dukematch. See you there!

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Article Writer and News Poster

The reason I wanted to be in on the business was because the currently released info and images about DNF are sweet. And everything not released is promising to be even better.

Besides all that...

I'm you're average "bored" gamer. The stuff I play these days just doesn't seem to catch the atmosphere that the olden games had. Though this may be partially due to nostaligia, I also think that innovation isn't something worth investing into anymore, according to the game developpers at large.

I also enjoy listening to soothing music and playing some guitar. I make mods in my spare time, and build an FPS in the spare time of my spare time.

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Exclusive Map Designer

I started with Duke editing many years ago back in highschool. At first it was all mapping, but as I began messing with Eduke and arguing with people (on the old Dukeworld forums) about what could and couldn't be done with the game I started working on Con Codes that could prove them wrong. To this day I'm always coding to test the limits of the engine, and have made a fairly trusted name for myself as a coder in doing so. I hope to continue to provide useful things to the community as well as inspire others to continue to use and expand upon the ever versatile BUILD/Duke3D engine, which remains as one of the most easily accessable engines around.

Thanks to 3D Realms for creating such an inspiring piece of work, and thanks to the community for keeping the spirit alive. I hope to be able to continue working with everyone long into the future.

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Orochi Avlis
Article Writer and News Poster

I've played games all my life, but FPS are the ones that I favour the most. I can't even count how times I've played Duke Nukem 3D.

ATM I'm taking a Software Engineering course at a college and I'm aspiring to be a game developer and have my own software house.

I have some ideas for some cool projects, but I need to find the time first...

I'm really looking forward to DNF. It's coming out. Of course it is! No! Wait, what?! It's coming, then all will be well.

/curls into a fetal position.
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Daniel "Freakman" Hoffmann
German News Writer, Technical Assistance

I had my first experience with computer games during early childhood, and have not been able to break away from them to this day .
The first major site which I supervised as administrator was the German Doom 3 fan site "Doom3Maps." In the virtue of our partnership with Yattta's Doom 3 web site Doom3Center back then, I got to know him and ended up being here. Among other things, I am responsible for providing with German news. To my shame, I must admit that the only game I played from the Duke Nukem series is Duke3D--breathlessly though.

Meine ersten Erfahren mit Computerspielen habe ich bereits in frühester Kindheit gemacht und konnte mich noch nicht von ihnen losreißen .
Die erste große Seite, de ich als Admin betreut habe, war die deutsche Doom3 Seite "Doom3Maps". Durch die damalige Partnerschaft mit Yattas Doom3 Seite "Doom3Center" habe ich ihn kennen gelernt und bin somit auch bei dieser Seite gelandet. Hier bin ich nun u.a. für die deutschen News zuständig. Zu meiner Schande muss ich gestehen, dass ich von den Duke Nukem Spielen bisher nur Duke3D gespielt habe. Dieses dafür aber bis zum Umfallen.

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News Writer and "Mr. Exclusive"

First Contact
- Starting his own pc-gaming career in early 2001, with a console past reaching back to the Super Nintendo, JobivanHiob first got in contact with Duke in front a school friend's computer in 1996. From the first second on he was totally amazed by the graphics, the art style, and of course the unique gameplay featuring both uncompromised ass-kickery and Babes! Duke Nukem 3D was already banned in Germany at this time; that made this experience even more exciting for him, granted he was only an 11-year-old boy who had never seen mature content before. But after this experience in 1996 he forgot about Duke due to not having a PC. The following various Duke console releases apparently didn’t arise his interest either.

The Rise of a True Duke Fan - It was in 2005 after the release of Half-Life 2 in November 2004 and about 2 years of dedication in the Half-Life community (especially when he remembered Duke and instantly joined the 3D Realms forums. Back then, he was registered under the pseudonym “Jobi-Wan Kenobi.” Some years later, circa March 2007, he finally renamed himself to “JobivanHiob” and also joined the forums but under the old Pseudonym. Sometimes showing too much fanboyism, he has always been loyal to Duke and 3D Realms, and their founders George Broussard and Scott Miller.

Mr. Exclusive
-The more JobivanHiob got engaged with 3D Realms the more he expanded his interest upon 3D Realms and their IPs, to everything connected to Scott Miller's ambitions from Radar Group and the reformed Apogee, up to Depth Entertainment. By providing exclusive insider scoops from trusted sources and his steady contact to Kristian Joensen who is the man for everything DNF related, he titled himself Mr. Exclusive. From that time on he decided to join the news writing crew to share his dedication to find the latest news and inside scoops to the best Duke community there is on the net.