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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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The DNF Team

Disclaimer: The following information while based on the best info avalaible to is bound to be incomplete and to a certain extent incorrect because the full and accurate staff information for 3D Realms is not public knowledge, the following also covers only the DNF team and not administrative staff. In addition to that cannot quarantee that the info is always upto date even as far as what is public knowledge goes, it isn't exactly updated in real time.  We give it to you in its intact form, originally made available exclusive to thanks to Kristian Joensen and Firefly on 12/12/2007. Updated by Kristian Joensen February 22nd, 2008, February 23rd, 2008, April 8th 2008(based on a bit older info), August 5th, 2008, August 7th and August 26th, October 24th(With the help of Micki!), December 10th, 2008. and February 21st, 2009.


1. George Broussard, Project Leader.
2. Rick Huenink, Lead Designer, previously of The Collective (Hired in 2006)
3. T. Ray Isaac, Art Director, previously of Obsidian Entertainment (Hired in August 2006)
4. Brian Hook, Producer, previously of Hooka Tooka, Red 5 Studios and Gearbox Software, hired in February 2008.
5. John Pollard, Lead Programmer, previously of Eclipse Entertainment and Wildtangent (Hired in 2001) = Fizz3DR on Steam Community Group.


6. Chris DeSimone, previously of Terminal Reality (Hired in February 2003)
7. Andrew Kerschner, previously of Beck Blue Media (Hired in August 2007)
8. Ben Eoff (Hired in October 2006) = blah on Steam Community Group
9. Mark Skelton, previously of Obsidian Entertainment (Probably hired in 2006)
10. Randy Forsyth, previously of Obsidian Entertainment (Hired in October 2006)
11. Pat Jones, previously of Nerve Software (Probably hired in 2007 or 2008).
12. Layne Johnson ( was probably hired in the July-Septermber 2007)

Unknown other number of Artists.

Game/Level Designers
13. Chris Cummings, previously co-founder and Content Director of Nerve Software (Hired in September 2006) = Guf on Steam Community Group.
14. Scott Maclean, Previously of Ritual Entertainment (Hired in January 2007)= Deathstalker on Steam Community Group.
15. Gary S. Buchanan II, Previously of Ritual Entertainment.
16. Allen H. Blum III (Hired in around 1993ish, contract work prior to that) = Al360 on Steam Community Group.
17. John Anderson (Hired in 1997 for the internal Prey team, when Prey was shelved moved to the DNF team) = John A. 3DR on Steam Community Group.
18. Andrew Baker (Hired in mid/summer 2005)
19. David Riegel, Previously of Ion Storm (Hired in 2003 or 2004) = Raen3DR on Steam Community Group.
20. Quinn Delhoyo(Hired in August 2008).
21. Brad Jacobs(Hired in August 2008).
Unknown other number of Game/Level Designers.


22. Rob Faison, previously of Zombie Inc (Hired in 2003) = Grendel on Steam Community Group.
23. Dave Ratti, previously of Custom Data Solutions (Hired in 2005) = Ratman3DR and seemingly also ratfest on Steam Community Group.
24. Brian Lawson, previously of Obsidian Entertainment (Hired in July 2006 arrived in Texas in August 2006) = BrianL on Steam Community Group.
25. Pete Knepley, previously of Mircrosoft’s IE and Windows Vista teams (Hired early-mid 2007) = LarryW on Steam Community Group.
26. Christopher Skelton(Hired in August 2008).
Unknown number of other Programmers.


27. Bryan Brewer, previously of Reelfx, DNA Productions, CAT Studios and Terminal Reality(Hired in Late 2006) = liquidmesh on Steam Comunnity Group.
28. James Houska, previously of id Software (Hired in October 2006)
29. Jay Brushwood. previously of Nerve Software (Hired in 2007) = jshwood on Steam Community Group.
Unknown number of other Animators.


30. Eric von Rothkirch, previously of Monolith Productions and Electronic Arts (Hired as a Level Designer in 2001, moved to Sound Design in 2003) = Redchurch on Steam Community Group.

Unknow role and/or name (some might be duplicates):

31. Uzoal
32. Java
33. Snowstorm one
34. Kim Gilbert

According to a recent interview with T. Ray Isaac he is responsible for the management of 12 people, however it seems that might include Animators. If that figure does include Animators then there are 3 Artists and Animators in total we don't know about.