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"Duke repelled an entire alien invasion, ripped of alien heads and shit down their necks, and all the while, smoking, drinking and saving babes....without Spartan armor! Advantage NUKEM! :)"



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22 "Clint Nukem" Soundboard

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Sat Dec 22 2007, 09:40PM

As part of our Christmas surprises, RedSplat had the idea for us to come up with a Duke Nukem soundboard, which I might add, he designed himself and refused to include his name in, because he's a modest bastard. Using the amazing talent of our friend Clint Basinger, we've been able to create new one-liners for you to enjoy, all in the spirit of Jon St. John's original voice. Clint also recorded some of the classic clips from Duke3D so you can hear them in clean, stereo MP3 format. Now just wait for the 70 or so sounds to load, please, and expect more stuff from us for Christmas.

Oh, and Clint Basinger fucking rules. And owns your dad.

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