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"It's OK and understandable that people are skeptical. What have we done to earn otherwise? I think things will reverse once we start to show the game and people see that it's real."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Recent Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

These screenshots are from the latest builds of Duke Nukem Forever.

December 8, 2011:

spdlc1.jpg spdlc2.jpg spdlc3.jpg spdlc4.jpg

June 8, 2011:

thumb_06_08_11_1.jpg thumb_06_08_11_1.jpg thumb_06_08_11_1.jpg thumb_06_08_11_1.jpg

May 10, 2011:

thumb_dukeburgerinterior_1080.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_5_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_1_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_2_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_3_thumb.jpg dnfmpscreen_5_10_11_4_thumb.jpg

April 28, 2011:

thumb_042811_1.jpg thumb_042811_1.jpg thumb_042811_1.jpg thumb_042811_4.jpg thumb_042811_1.jpg  thumb_042811_1.jpg thumb_042811_1.jpg

February 9, 2011:

November 19, 2010:

thumb_full.jpg thumb_full.jpg thumb_full.jpg

December 18, 2008:


September 28, 2008:

DNF Shot 1 DNF Shot 2

June 21, 2008:

February 15, 2008:

December 18, 2007:

June 18, 2007:

May 22, 2007:

January 26, 2007:

If you are interested in digging deeper into the past, check out the older Unreal-based DNF screenshots!