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"Multi-core support is in and quite nice. We all run Core Duo 6600's and 7950/8800, ati 1900 level cards."



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3D Realms forum user ticknswisted has put together a list of questions and answers with George Broussard ranging from 2005 to 2006. If you ever missed DNF quotes from George, here's your chance to catch up on updates that may have escaped your ears. The list of excerpts has been categorized into chronological orders of Technical Information, Gameplay, and Miscellaneous. The author has included the following statement in his post:
This is a compiled list of some of the things that George has responded to, I've put them in somewhat of an easy read order and modified some of the questions for the same reasons. A lot of this stuff isn't accessible anywhere else as far as FAQs so I thought I'd just compile my own nice list (which may be wrong, outdated, or incorrect).
Without further adieu, we present to you a long list of DNF quotes from the game's lead developer George Broussard. Thanks again to ticknswisted for his hard work in gathering this information!

Technical Information

03/30/06 02:57 PM

If you are tech complete for a year, and the game is still not done; so by the time it ships
it's more then a year tech complete. By that time, aren't graphics/tech out-dated ?

Don't worry. When I say tech complete, I mean we could ship if all the content were done.
It's fairly easy to add and update shaders and we do so all the time.
The graphics guys are ahead and always have time to add in bells and whistles.
Many things like per pixel blur, depth of field etc, have zero impact on game content and drop in, in a few days.

05/21/05 07:15 PM

Will you be developing for a Physics Processing Unit?

It's going to be a long long time before enough people have PPU's so that you can count on them being there, without having to put in low quality and high quality physics.

The problem is that you can't go nuts with physics when 1% of your market has a PPU.

Even with video cards, there is a fine line and people always opt to dumb the visuals down so they run on lower end cards. This always affects how high you can do on the high end, because you still have to scale to some reasonable low end.

We are just now starting to see games that will push high end visuals and start to abandon older cards.

But I think it's going to be a long time before you can do that for a physics card. So in the mean time you will have situations where people just do more rubble or debris, when there is a PPU available.

And I still don't see people spending $200 for a PPU like they do for a GPU. I think it will be a pretty small market, comparatively. But I hope it's the future and the PPU's move onto video cards or motherboards. That's what needs to happen for it to get widespread.

05/22/05 01:45 AM

Will there still be advanced physics in DNF?

Yes. Meqon is one of the most advanced physics engines available today.

07/23/05 04:58 PM

What version of Meqon Physics Engine/SDK are you using?

We get updates near weekly from Meqon and are usually many, many small versions past whatever the public release is. They are always working with Kyle on bugs and features and improving things.

09/02/05 02:14 AM

It's been said that DNF may not have physics as good as Unreal 3 due to the support of the Ageia PPU. Is this true?

It's disheartening to see misinformation spread like this. You cannot fully support the Ageia PPU, as not enough people have it, or will have it, any time soon. Every developer I know is doing "normal" physics that run in software, but has some extra fluff stuff if there is a PPU present.

I just don't think it will be that impacting, short term. In 3-4 years, maybe. When it gets in a console unit, or on a motherboard, sure. I just do not believe that many people will pay $200 for a PPU, and that means that support will be minimal at first, and only grow as card penetration does. I would expect that penetration to be slow unless there are significant hardware deals.

05/21/05 08:29 PM

How interactive is or will DNF be?

Very. You can play with everything.

05/26/05 10:54 PM

Will you switch to Unreal 3 engine for DNF?

No. Its a fantastic looking engine, but we want to finish on what we have.

Will you use Normal Mapping?


Have you had trouble regarding Dynamic Lights with Unreal 2's renderer?

Our rendering is 100% different than Unreal 2. We wrote our own.

Will it the lighting system be as good as Doom 3's?


10/24/05 04:58 PM

What about the development on Quake1 engine, When was the Quake2 engine bought, What period was Quake1 used for DNF?

We really didn't use Quake1. When we were finishing Shadow Warrior a couple of guys were playing with Quake 1, while we were waiting for Quake 2 code (late 97/early 98). We didn't really start even hiring people for DNF until late 97, after we shipped Shadow Warrior, and into early 98. We then prototyped some stuff in Quake 2 from Jan 98 until about E3 or so. Then we moved to Unreal 1. The rest is history, long and painful as it's been at times.

06/10/05 08:23 PM

No firm decisions yet, but we're fully wanting to ship on DVD only.

06/12/05 05:43 AM

How big is the current build of DNF?

8 gigs. We still haven't trimmed some bloat from it, but we're also not done yet.

06/12/05 05:58 AM

6-8 gigs Like I said...we have stuff to trim, but we're not done. So it'll be in that range. There is a *lot* of art and that takes up tremendous space.

10/06/05 03:46 PM

What is the number of lines of coded in total?

I don't have an exact number, but the guys have told me in the past that we're at a million lines or more. Meqon code is excluded because that's just linked in. We don't have the source code.

The current game sits at 9.6 gigs, but as I've said in the past, that will be trimmed as there is surely lots of data in there that needs to be culled. I can't see culling more than 2-3 gigs though.

08/17/05 11:33 PM

Will DNF and Prey support widescreen resolutions and adjust Frame Of View accordingly?

DNF certainly will. I don't recall if Prey does now or not, but it's relatively easy to put in and I'd expect it for this generation of games as wide screen displays.

08/05/05 12:43 PM

Are you trying to make DNF work for consoles rather than making it a full kickass PC experience?

Not the case at all, but you'd be foolish to not consider next gen consoles and their controllers in the future. This doesn't mean dumbing down of anything.

Making the PC version as good as possible is definitely a very high priority.

05/21/05 08:29 PM

What Video Card are you currently running DNF on?

9800 Pro's, some 6800GT's and some 6800 Ultra's.

01/09/06 09:38 PM

What are some specific hardware configurations that you run DNF on?

3-3.4ghz, 6800g's, with 2 gigs of ram. Pretty average around here. Some higher and some lower, but not by much (2.8ghz and a 9800 Pro).

01/10/06 05:14 PM

Would you say the 2GBs are necessary or is it just due to the unoptimized state of DNF that your machines have "above standard" amount of RAM?

We use 2 gigs because of development tools like the game editor. I always recommend a gig of ram, for any game, though. And 2 gigs for MMO's.

02/26/06 02:24 AM

Is there any UnrealEd that we should learn to get better acquainted to the Duke Editor?

Absolutely no relation to any released Unreal game.

But if you just want to make levels and learn some of the editor basics, then any modern UT game would be ok, purely from a fundamental standpoint of building level geometry. From there it will be different, everywhere. But if you know Unreal editing, you will at least have a leg up and some familiarity with things.

02/04/06 06:12 PM

Will we be able to Duke's feet? Lets say I point my view to the ground, am I able to see 2 feet?


There are considerable issues doing this properly without hacks for your gun penetrating the world (because it's actually in the world now and not pasted on screen). You can usually spot hacks going on when you walk up to a wall and see how the gun shadow is often a little "off", vs where it should be.

What happens when you look down and duck? You have a gun in your hand now and when you duck it goes down, and your leg is there. So how do you handle issues like that, so you don't have massive amounts of polygon clipping?

It's a good bit of work to do it well and solve most of the issues, and make things "feel" right, once you put the cameras in the player's head, vs just being a free floating camera in the world with a gun drawn on screen.

But yes, Duke's had it since the restart in early 2003, and it all works really well.


05/21/05 08:29 PM

Is the game divided up into Episodes or Levels?


Is there more then one boss battle?


Is there a Battlelord in DNF?

He was a signature bad guy from Duke 3D, so he's be a popular choice to bring back

01/05/06 10:01 PM

The Battlelord will indeed return, in DNF.

07/10/05 03:02 AM

How are Pipebombs expected to work, would you say that picking up a pipebomb as in the original is a bug?

No, that's gameplay and intentional. If you have pipe bombs in the world, they are just that. A pipe bomb. Another player can indeed pick them up if you aren't quick on the detonator.

07/10/05 04:53 AM

So if you throw a pipebomb at another player's body and don't hit 'detonate' before it touches them, you're essentially playing catch with pipebomb ammo?

No, it would bounce off. I'm talking about pipe bombs at rest, just lying in the world. You guys see all the details we have to deal with!

07/30/05 02:41 AM

Max Payne-style adjusting AI?

Yeah, I'm fairly certain that's what will happen. We're no longer very big fans of selecting game difficulty and I think it's a solved problem as to how to make things auto adjust transparently enough so that anyone can play a game and enjoy it.

I'm sure we'd toss a Nightmare mode in there too, just for people that want a real challenge.

But generally I think that skill level selection is a bad thing in games. It would be nice if they could just play and the game took care of them.

08/04/05 11:48 PM

I was wondering if you'll have some sort of inventory system like you had in Duke 3D where you can pick up items and save them until you need them?

Yeah, that stuff is all in and works. I'm a little concerned about complexity, as I can't remember the last high level fps that shipped with 'inventory'. I sometimes wonder if due to consoles and just general simplification, if you aren't better off without things like that.

But yes, most of your favorites Duke 3D items are returning (ar at least they are in now...who knows if they make the final cut!)

08/11/05 03:37 AM

Are there going to be cheats?

Since day one Apogee has always included a god mode (and other cheats) because we were tired of paying $40-$50 for pc games and getting stuck in them. No early 90's PC arcade games didn't have quicksaves.

02/16/06 01:46 PM

Does Duke work for the Earth Defense Force?

Duke works for no man.

02/22/06 04:36 AM

Is Duke on the EDF's payrole?


What type of organization is the EDF?

Like the US Military, but a global force with no ties to country.

01/04/06 07:50 PM

Can you upgrade weapons like in Quake 4 or Resident Evil?

We've opted to put complexity in other areas of the game, where it may be more noticeable.

I never noticed the upgrades in RE4 at all. I kept buying them, and I assume they helped me, but I never felt more powerful, because as I upgraded weapons, I assume the creatures were getting harder too, so it just balanced out.

01/30/06 11:47 PM

How fast will Duke in DNF be able to move on foot?

Nowhere near as fast as Duke 3D and probably more like you see in modern shooters.


05/21/05 08:29 PM

Have you completed at least 70% of the models?

This is hard to say, as a model can be anything from a prop (like a chair, microwave, etc) to the tons and tons of models that go into the levels as architecture to flesh out a level.

A ton is done. We have hundreds of props that you can place in the world, and the artists just continue to pump stuff out.

Are the majority of your models textured?

We complete them as they go in, so the ones that are done, are in.

Have all the weapons been programmed in and are usable in-game right now?

Yes. In, with animations, sound pass, and final textures. We'll probably add a couple more as we go, and there are some whacky ideas we want to explore, but all the base guns are in and we could ship with what we have.

Approximately how many types of enemies are there?

15 or so, and working on more.

05/28/05 02:06 AM

Do you think that the number of enemies will effect the DNF quality?

I don't think number of enemies has anything to do with a product's quality.

Somehow I think that HL2 with around 20 enemies will sell many many more copies than games with simply more enemies.

03/14/06 03:07 PM

Is the development still working well? We all need a simple "yes" to calm us down.


05/21/05 08:29 PM

Anyone on the 3DR team doing voice acting for DNF?

I doubt for final voice work, no. Maybe a couple here or there.

06/01/05 01:52 AM

We did the Plutonium Pak in house. Duke it Out in DC and Duke Caribbean were also done, by outside teams.

02/28/06 05:59 PM

Will this be the last Duke game?

I doubt it.

We're not even thinking about add on packs for DNF now. Let's finish this game first

06/26/05 03:09 PM

What positions have you hired for?

We hired another level designer a day or so ago as well.

We may hire others in the future as we look at our needs and what needs to be done. We may hire for other positions.

Hiring people is generally a good thing.

06/26/05 03:11 PM

Alpha requires that all levels be in-game and nearing completion, nearing alpha?

I think there are two levels we haven't started yet. And some others are in pretty advanced states, so it mostly balances out. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

07/25/05 02:49 AM

Are you shooting for an Adults Only rating at all?

The AO rating is kind of a joke. No retail stores will carry AO games, effectively removing that rating for consideration.

08/06/05 06:34 PM

Is that recording of Duke Nukem by Megadeth really by Megadeth?


Is Duke circumcised?

Only one way to find out.

10/05/05 02:37 PM

I would have been happy playing two or three less than polished Duke PC titles just to keep the spirit alive rather than wait this out.

And I'm right there with you. I wish that had been an option. I've said before, and I'll say it again, we screwed up on early versions and made some mistakes. This hasn't been a journey of perfection. It's been a journey of just trying to finish what we started, and make it as cool as possible. I would love to have been on Duke 7 by now, but that's not how things panned out. So all we can do is finish this game, and make it the best that we can, then move on. That's what we're trying to do now.

10/08/05 03:23 AM

Is it true that you've show someone pictures of DNF in a recent state or is this a hoax?

No, he saw em'.

01/06/06 11:07 PM

Pictures of DNF, perhaps six months from the expected game's release?

Let's not officially hold to the 6 month thing, ok? Just to manage expectations. We certainly don't want to show the game too early, but we also want there to be more than enough build up time, and we don't want to surprise people.

We don't have any official stance on how long is the right length, but it's not hard coded to six months, either.

Just FYI.

10/24/05 04:58 PM

It was said that you've been working on the game since January 1997?

That's not really accurate.

01/09/06 09:38 PM

Has anyone tried to break in to your offices to see DNF?

No. Nobody cares anymore.

01/09/06 09:38 PM

Honestly, we make this up as we go. We are so busy on the game, that things like PR just don't get much though until it's time to do something.