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"It's a multicore engine. Graphic detail is a large part of why."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Our IRC Channel / Chat System

We are adopting irc:// and the Steam DNF Cult Group as the future chat system for  The rest is old news, but you may want to read the instructions below if you're not familiar with IRC: has its own free real-time chat system. By logging onto Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, you can drop in to speak to other Duke fans from all over the world. If you already know what we're talking about, head over to #duke4 on Otherwise, keep reading.

If you don't have an IRC client, you can use our Java-based client here.

To use IRC in its full form, you must download an appropriate IRC client. You can skip this paragraph if you chose to use our Java-based client (above). If you'd like to download a standalone client for full IRC functionality, we recommend the widely-used mIRC. Download it, install it, and click this link when you've got the program set up on your hard drive. That should automatically launch mIRC and transfer you into our channel. Easy enough? It only gets easier. Here are the basic commands you need to know to operate on the chat system.

/server quakenet - You type slash commands inside the mIRC text field. This command directs your client over to the chat server we're located at.

/join #duke4 - Pops you into our channel if you've already connected to Quakenet.

/nick nickname - This lets you choose your own nickname. For example, "/nick Duke" would change your screenname to Duke.

Want to get more serious with it? You can learn tons of new commands executable from any IRC client by going here. If you're going to be using IRC frequently, we recommend you register your username. How? Type this into the address field in mIRC:

/msg Q hello
Be sure to provde a real e-mail address or Quakenet won't be able to send you your password!

Check your e-mail for an activation link. Be patient--it might not arrive instantaneously! Got your pass? Next step:

/msg AUTH DesiredName password
Where DesiredName is your permanant nickname. The name might already be taken, so try to get creative.

You should get the response "Done." Otherwise, you've made a booboo. Now that you're authed, you can hide your IP address to prevent hackers from sending illegal data packets to your client:

/mode nickname +x
You should get a confirmation message telling you that you've set mode +x.

That's it! Still having trouble? Visit the Quakenet FAQ!