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"Duke loves popcorn. Fed to him by virgins."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke3D Walkthrough

Click here for 3D Realms' official Duke Nukem 3D walkthrough, published by Joe Siegler on 9/25/08.

Keith McLeod was kind enough to provide with a copy of his complete Duke Nukem 3D walkthrough.

Click here to open the text file.

To save you the trouble of looking through the chunky text file for cheat codes, we are providing them to you below. Type these codes in any time during gameplay. Note that you can't use cheat codes on the "Damn, I'm Good" difficulty.

| DNCORNHOLIO | Triggers "God Mode", Unlimited JP, + JP
| DNKROZ | Triggers "God Mode", Unlimited JP, + JP
| DNSTUFF | + All Items, + All Weapons, + Max Ammo, + All Keys, Max BA
| DNCLIP | Trigger Clipping on and off; if off, walk through walls
| DNSCOTTYXYY | Level Warp (X = Episode Level 1-3, YY= Level #)
| DNKEYS | + All Keys
| DNINVENTORY | + All Items, Max BA
| DNITEMS | + All Items, + All Keys, Max BA
| DNWEAPONS | + All Weapons, + Max Ammo

| DNSKILL# | Change skill level to (1-4); restarts level
| DNVIEW | Change to 3rd person view
| DNCOORDS | Show current co-ordinates (XYZ), amongst other things,
| | including viewing position in upper right corner
| DNDEBUG | Show debug information in upper left corner
| DNRATE | Shows frame rate in upper left corner
| DNUNLOCK | Triggers all doors, FF, etc.
| DNSHOWMAP | Reveals entire map on the map screen
| DNMONSTERS | Triggers all monsters on/off

| DNCASHMAN | Throw some money when pressing Open key
| DNALLEN | Show message "Buy Major Stryker"
| DNBETA | Show message "Pirates Suck!"
| DNTODD | Show message "Register Cosmo" (Version 1.3d +)
| DNCOSMO | Show message "Register Cosmo" (Prior to 1.3d)