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This page features articles that have been written by the Duke Nukem community exclusively for If you'd like to submit one, you can either e-mail or use our Submit News form.

The Duke Nukem Experience [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Unofficial Part 4]
by Yatta on February through April 2011 previews Duke Nukem Forever after playing a 2-hour demo in Vegas!  In parts 1 and 2, we take you inside the experience.  In part 3, we get our community questions answered.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Xbox Live Arcade Review
by Yatta on Tuesday 29 June 2010
If you played DNMP back when it came out on PC in 2002, you would remember it as a run and gun side-scrolling classic.  DNMP was probably the best third-party Duke Nukem game ever made, and while Sunstorm Interative went under in 2003 as a result of financial and staffing-related issues, 3D Realms was able to retrieve the rights to the game in order to port it to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Obama signs bailout for 3D Realms
by Off A Cough on Thursday 11 June 2009
In a small White House ceremony this morning, President Barack Obama signed into law Software Development Infinite Life Cycle Funding Relief Program (SDILCFRP), providing $20 billion of tax payer dollars for struggling developer 3D Realms.

Why I Think We Will Play DNF In 2008
by aftli on Monday 9 June 2008
I think I've got some good theories on why we'll see a release date this year. Of course this is all speculation at this point, but I figured I'd share my theories here.

No Pressure At All
by Kaisersoze on Tuesday 28 November 2006
Why Duke Nukem Forever doesn't need to be the best FPS of all time.

Dukonnector Multiplayer Launcher
by Yatta on 9 November 2006
Perhaps a good alternative to other networking applications for Duke Nukem 3D is Dukonnector, a very simple, clean, and efficient tool that is compatible with EDuke32, JFDuke, Rancid Meat, and xDuke. 

Always Bet on Duke
by Alan "Nessus" Schaeffer on Monday 30 October 2006
Anyone reading this website is well aware of the long and sordid history of the development of DNF, but one major aspect of the game is usually overlooked: the multiplayer component.

HRP XTR Duke3D Multiplayer How-to
by Yatta on 3 August 2006
If you ever had a chance to play Dukematch on the Internet using TEN before it closed down, you probably have nostalgia for kicking virtual arse the way it's meant to be kicked. Rest assured that if you are indeed a potent Duker, you're not the only one sick of manually entering IP addresses into the meager corresponding address fields of lowly online multiplayer clients.

The stalker compendium
by yossa on Friday 30 June 2006
What are the pages every 3D Realms fan should not visit?

Revelations of a Gamer
by Orochi Avlis on Friday 28 April 2006
This is a short article about an epiphany I had.

Duke Nukem in the Post 9-11 World
by Drazula on Sunday 19 March 2006
Will 3D Realms' new found sensitivity force them to shy away from these kind of events in the final game? With the insensitive and politically incorrect Pig Cop character, the "common" enemy in Duke 3D, fall victim to post 911 thinking? Will we see a kinder, gentler, less violent, more moral Duke Nukem?

Running Build Engine on Windows XP
by Willis on 19 December 2005
As per the suggestion of our own avatar_58, we've received permission to host Matt Bovett's guide to running Build-based games- such as Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Shadow Warrior- on the modern W32 platform. This guide details the process and includes download links to various files needed to streamline the process and a hotlink to a support forum dedicated to this subject.

Online Game Distribution
by Orochi Avlis on Thursday 22 September 2005
This article talks about the vantages and disadvantages of online game distribution

State of the First Person Shooter Address
by Lengis on Wednesday 21 September 2005
Rants on the past present and future of the genre

How I Fell in Love with Duke Nukem 3D
by Gamebrain on Wednesday 21 September 2005

Duke Nukem Forever media
by yossa on Thursday 09 September 2004
In this article we delve into the very mind of a typical gamer new to this whole "DNF stuff".

Duke Nukem 3D - A Forgotten Success Story
by Roger on Wednesday 01 September 2004
Duke Nukem 3D was one of the biggest releases, if not THE biggest, ever to grace the genre. Unfortunately, time has allowed dust to settle on this title and it is now looked at as an obsolete game and some even dare to say its impact on modern games is null and void. This game was undeservantly neglected and overlooked indeed.