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Duke Nukem Forever E3 2011 Multiplayer Demo Impressions

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Thu Jun 09 2011, 07:33AM

As you guys may know, I live in LA.  Today, my friend wanted to buy a watch in downtown, so I tagged along.  We were about to pull off from Olympic Boulevard to find parking so we could shop around, when I suddenly exclaimed, "Dude, E3 is right around the corner.  We should check it out."  I swear to you--this is exactly as it happened.  So my friend and I drove over to the LA Convention Center a while later and decided to check out E3.  This was my first E3 experience.

I knew that Duke would be there, so we hit up the 2K booth to say hello.  Elizabeth (from 2K) and Chris and Adam (from Gearbox) were as warm as ever, and they gave me the VIP treatment.  I basically got to go into the DNF booth without having to wait in line--and mind you, even those who waited in line were only allowed entry "by appointment."  I hope this doesn't come off as me bragging--I'm just making it a point to mention how awesome 2K and Gearbox are, and how kind they were to a fan.  This is not something that I will forget.

This time, we got to demo out Duke Nukem Forever in multiplayer deathmatch mode.  And boy was it fun.  The game is fast-paced but smooth, and there's no lag whatsoever.  I was playing on a PC, but I had the chance to switch between a 360 controller and a mouse+keyboard setup on the fly.  I can't remember the name of the level, but it involved a broken down freeway with cars scattered around.   What made the map interesting was its two-story highway and ground structure, which made for an interesting experience as far as elevation was concerned.  You may have seen videos or screenshots of it already, but I won't bother posting any since the game will be out soon.

The thing that stuck out most about the multiplayer demo was the fact that it was dead-true to Dukematch in Duke Nukem 3D.  There were eight of us in the booth killing our virtual counterparts, and beer/Red Bull was served in DNF-styled koozies.  Playing Duke Nukem Forever was the most fun I had at E3, not only because the multiplayer ROCKED HARD, but also because Chris took care to give me a Duke Nukem experience that lived up to my time at Vegas.

Also, this isn't official, but... the PC version of DNF may have dedicated server support.  I also learned that the FAC demo levels were chosen because they were the most spoiler-free parts of the game, since just about every other level reveals important plot details.  I think that's all I've got to say for now... it's past midnight and I'm incredibly tired.

thumb_e3_2011_1.jpg thumb_e3_2011_1.jpg thumb_e3_2011_1.jpg

Some last words:  1) I cannot stress how much of a gentleman Chris (above) is. 2) It felt great sitting at the King's chair to have my picture taken with the babes.  3) The picture qualities suck because attending E3 today was a spur-of-the-moment thing for my friend and I, so we had no cameras except the ones that came with our phones.  4) I acknowledge the informal nature of this article/news post; I didn’t have very much time to prepare it because it’s late, I have work tomorrow, and I wanted you to be able to read my E3 impressions before DNF would be released.

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