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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Founder and Director of

I started because I've always been a fan of Duke Nukem. I'm responsible for writing website articles and news, managing the website code and database, keeping the forums in shape, and updating the website whenever necessary.

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Site Designer and Director

I jumped aboard mainly because of my nostalgic feelings for Duke3D. The urban setting. The pop-culture mockery. The Guns and Babes. The Fun and Action. I believe Yatta contacted me through the 3D Realms forums. I decided to help him out with the design, as I've always wanted to create a site for DNF. Photoshop is a hobby of mine and so is web design.

Anyway... Duke is the man. Still is, and always will be. I hope we've created a site that is worthy of Duke.

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Fan Art Department, News Writer, Director

Micki F. Johannsen, lives in Denmark. his hobbies are: pretty girls, video-games, writing, Art, Drawing, and he's also quite fond of candy. He Worships Xenomorphs too.

Micki joined in 2005 as a news writer, fan submission manager and forum Administrator. Micki loves to draw girls, and occasional Duke stuff. He dreams of becoming a Concept artist for a game company, or becoming a comic book author one day. Until that happens though, he keeps fans and occasional random visitors entertained with Duke Fanart done by himself, and by the submitted pieces of fanwork by other awesome fans form around the world.

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Coder, News Writer

Usurper has been involved in the Duke 3D community since 1998. He is the author of the Editart Guide and the Palette Changing Guide for DN3D, and was a beta tester for EDuke during its original development by Matt Saettler.

Usurper has contributed to the art for the EDuke 2.0 demo and TerminX's Project X demo for EDuke. He continues to beta test EDuke32.

An avid web designer, Usurper has contributed markup to and

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Director, Coder, Server Manager

TX is a leader in the Duke Nukem 3D community; he has contributed greatly to the website through the development of EDuke32 as well as his expertise in server administration.  He is also a senior moderator at the 3D Realms forums and has been with the community for over a decade.

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Moritz "Major Fleischer" Reinhold
German News Writer, Technical Assistance, Assistant Director

I am the Major - In the past I created Doom3Maps, Doom3Center (made for Yatta) and some other few websites. My actual projects are Duke4.Net and Q4Dev.Net, which are my hobbies apart from studying architecture in Darmstadt, Germany. I played Duke3D when it's been released, long time ago - And after that I tried to create my own maps with the level editor. Some years later I played Duke3D with my friend in Frankfurt via dial-up 56k modem. Now I'm hoping that Duke4'll come soon - So we are back in controlling the coolest action hero ever been in computer games - hail to the king, baby!

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Roger Ondra
Chief Editor and Content Writer

I leapt at the chance to work for Rob on because I'd seen how well he managed his own site in the past dedicated to Doom 3 and because, well... Duke kicks ass. I came late into the PC gaming realm- around 1999- and even after playing more graphically demanding games, Duke Nukem 3D wowed me. Duke's snappy one-liners drew me in and the brutal violence was like a lightbulb to a moth for me. Duke was never a thing of nostalgia for me. I salute 3D Realms and Ken Silverman for making what I feel to be the greatest game of all time.

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Article Writer and News Poster

I don't wait for DNF. I'm here only to stir shit up and bitch about 3DR.

In an alternate reality I'm one of five or so people in Poland who still acknowledge the existence of Duke Nukem in one form or another. I like to comment news on one of the (oh come on, there's only one...) Polish DNF fansites - this means that I engage in conversations with it's admin and one other user. Usually we roleplay that this other user doesn't care for DNF anymore and so the admin and I try to point out the flaws in his logic.

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 Kristian Joensen
General site Administrator and local DNF expert

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