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"It's pretty faithful to the Duke 3D one with some updates to be more modern and a few thousand poly's vs a 2D sprite :)"



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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DNF Thumb Causes Sexplosion in Fans Worldwide

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Sat Feb 16 2008, 12:11AM

"3D Realms readies its Duke Nukem sequel, finally" - MONSTER MASH: One of the aliens that attack Earth in the upcoming Duke Nukem video game release (Cycloid Emperor DNF screenshot?):


And this is all thanks to 3DR fan JobivanHiob for discovering it and feeding it to the machine. And no one probably cares about this bit, because there's no new information:

Video game developer 3D Realms Entertainment is one of the most venerable of North Texas game studios.

Its leadership, Scott Miller and George Broussard, are legends in the industry. Their work inspired hundreds of millions of dollars in retail sales, and the technology they pioneered is credited by industry observers as having reshaped the video gaming landscape.Without their contributions, video games likely would look very different today.

In 1996, Garland-based 3D Realms, then known as Apogee Software, dropped an atomic bomb on gamers in the form of "Duke Nukem 3D": The first major three-dimensional game with a developed character who could actually talk.

Duke Nukem 3D was not the first in the series, but the third. As Apogee, the company had released two side-scrolling shooting games featuring the character Duke Nukem, who Miller said was inspired by 1980s action films starring guys like Arnold Schwarzeneger and Sylvester Stallone.

Oh yeah and there's some shit about the rest of the article being for subscribers only, so if anyone knows whether they mention anything worthwhile, forward it to us and we'll credit you.

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