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Sexy 1280x720 DNF/Duke3D XBLA Gallery Shots

Category: DNF
by Micki!, on Sun Sep 28 2008, 11:17PM

Thanks to Tural from our forums, we just received high quality images of every single piece of concept artwork (plus the two screeenshots of Duke Nukem Forever) that can be unlocked in the XBLA version of Duke Nukem 3D.  You can now view the DNF shots in their original, high quality resolution.

DNF Shot 1 DNF Shot 2

Check the thumbnails below to see some of the concept art used for the original Duke3D, drawn by 3DR's former concept artist, Chuck Jones.  The complete collection of Duke Nukem 3D concept artwork is avaible here.

Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge

Huge gratitudes to Tural again for providing these images exclusively to

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