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"Most [3D Realms] people are on intel core duo machines, a couple gigs of ram and a 7950 or 8800 level video card."



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Introducing the New(er)!

Category: Site News
by Yatta, on Sat May 02 2009, 12:43AM

Old Duke Site ThumbnailSurely, you remember the last time we had a style update.  RedSplat works everyday to make the site shinier, and today he's ready to present us with his latest revision of the theme.  Clear your cache (Control+F5 twice) and you'll instantly notice some of the changes.  Our dynamic menu is more stylish, as is the right column of the site.  There's much more color in play, and news titles are easier to read.  And of course, as RedSplat says, the red bars on the sides of our news items mean that we are on "red alert" for DNF media.  Before you jump to any conclusions, we assure you that this is absolutely wishful thinking on our part, but if you've been following our news lately, you'll see that things MIGHT be looking up just a bit.

In the accompanied thumbnail, you'll be able to see a large picture of the website as it looked before the style revision.  We archive every graphical milestone for historical purposes, and this week's small improvement is no exception.

Enjoy the new(er)!

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