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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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3D Realms Shutting Down?

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Wed May 06 2009, 11:51PM

News Updates:

- 5/07/09:
BBC Confirms 3D Realms as defunct.  Video game journalist Geoff Keighley suggests DNF has been put on hold, and that Prey 2 will not be affected because Radar Group is still operational.
- The resurrected Apogee Software and its Duke Nukem trilogy will NOT be affected.
- The faith of Duke Nukem Forever is unknown, but we are optimistic.
- From Voodoo Extreme: "Scott Maclean and Andrew Baker, two 3D Realms level designers, have both modified their LinkedIn employment histories today to show that they are no longer in the employ of the Duke Nukem Forever developer. Additionally, numerous staffers from the studio have begun 'recommending' one another on the industry networking site."

We are aware that we've just had a SURGE of visitors coming to this website.  Our response is processing on Youtube and should be available shortly:


Duke Nukem Forever publisher Take-Two confirmed to Shacknews that it was not funding Duke Nukem Forever.

"We can confirm that our relationship with 3D Realms for Duke Nukem Forever was a publishing arrangement, which did not include ongoing funds for development of the title," said Take-Two VP of communications Alan Lewis in a prepared statement.

"In addition, Take-Two continues to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever," he added.

Other sources:

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