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"Duke repelled an entire alien invasion, ripped of alien heads and shit down their necks, and all the while, smoking, drinking and saving babes....without Spartan armor! Advantage NUKEM! :)"



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DNF Demo Reel

Category: DNF
by yossa, on Sun May 10 2009, 06:12AM

UPDATE: at the bottom of this news post you'll find some information about the video and DNF in general.

demoreel.jpg It appears a demo reel from Duke Nukem Forever has leaked recently from Bryan Brewer's site ( It contains gameplay footage from numerous levels as well as some animations of the enemies. There are also new one liners from Jon St. John, the Duke himself.

Jesus Christ it's awesome guys... If this game is not going to be released ever I'm going to be so depressed. Grab it from one of these places: (Thanks for the mirror Ramen4ever) (The Dukenator) (zchri9) (Pazurek) (Michael)


Thanks go to zchri9 for bringing it to our attention.


Cubeblue (pretty much confirmed as a reliable source) from shacknews comments has posted some information regarding the above footage. Here goes:

I can confirm that there was far more completed than what this video implies.

The guy obviously stripped away details in some of the video to highlight the motion and animations.

I've played a good bit of the game, my bro worked there. That scene with the big alien in the football field? That's the first level, it's Duke playing an arcade version of Duke 3D inside his huge Duke mansion. This was last summer and I saw four different levels and environments that were fully playable (some just needed some polish).

They basically started making the game again from scratch (as they've done a few times) about a year and a half ago.

They had a hard cut-off date for development (11/2009) and a ship date (4/2010). They were stupid close to actually finishing this thing.

Was it going to be worth 12 years wait? Of course not. But it looked like a solid offering from a studio that had spent 2.5 years working on a title.

And more about the stadium bit:
It's quite ingenious actually. So you start the game playing with this moderate level of tech and play for a few minutes and it's cool, then you zoom out of the arcade screen entirely and you're Duke and everything looks a little shinier and nicer, now you're in the actual game world and it's even more impressive. It's a really cool effect.

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