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"Women give themselves freely to Duke."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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More DNF Portfolio Art

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Sun May 10 2009, 07:25PM


This is a developing news item.  Keep checking back for updates.

stripper58_thumb.jpg duke5_thumb.jpg octabrain_thumb.jpg

Check sources below for more shots:

Also, for anyone who has a problem with these shots, here's Mark Skelton's response:

What exactly does that matter to you? These characters have already been seen in the trailers and released screen shots. Why would you be worried about it? This is a Zbrush site, and Im posting zbrush work.. lets just go with that and leave the other stuff to me... yeah? Im trying to get a job and support my family, if youve got a problem with that... then I dont know what to tell you...

I was at 3drealm almost exactly 2 years. a lot of the staff were under 3 years. I took the job because if any company on the planet needed help finishing a game, 3d realms did, and we ALMOST pulled it off. In 2 years of being there, we were able to take this convoluted mess and make it into a badass game. I wish the world would have seen it to realize how cool and fun it was. The team we had was fantastic. But, no one will ever know..

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