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Old Duke Nukem Forever Characters

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Thu May 14 2009, 06:58AM

Joe Wampole says:

Keep in mind I worked at 3DR from 2003-2006 so this stuff is starting to get a little dated - I'm also pretty sure it has since been redone or was never used. But I wanted to share it nonetheless.

The first is a super mutated pig cop that's meant to be 15-20 ft tall. He was done entirely in zbrush, except the hair (3dMax hair). [The second is] an older version of the Battlelord. Texturing and body primarily in zbrush. Armor done w/ Max. [The third is] an older version of the Enforcer. Head and some armor using zbrush.

Char_DNF_BossHog01_thumb.jpg Char_DNF_BossHog01_thumb.jpg Char_DNF_BossHog01_thumb.jpg
Char_DNF_BatLord01_thumb.jpg Char_DNF_BatLord04_thumb.jpg Char_DNF_Enforcer03_thumb.jpg

Thanks for sharing that with us, Joe. And thanks to Sayantan for the heads up.

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