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Take-Two Sues 3D Realms

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Fri May 15 2009, 01:56AM

...because George kept promising to deliver the game and failed to do so.

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. filed a breach of contract suit against Apogee Software Ltd. this week in a Manhattan Court over the developer's "continually delayed" Duke Nukem sequel. Details of the suit were not disclosed in a report by Bloomberg, nor has the New York County Civil Court provided specifics about the damages Take-Two is seeking.

(For the record, the legal name of 3D Realms is Apogee Software Ltd., the party being sued. It is a separate entity from Apogee Software LLC, developers of the still alive Duke Nukem Trilogy.)

According to the complaint, "Apogee repeatedly assured Take-Two and the video-gaming community that it was diligently working toward competing development of the PC Version of the Duke Nukem Forever."

EPIC FAIL. angry.gif

Update: Court documents.

Update #2: Scott Miller is on the case! The first public words from someone high up in 3D Realms since their demise:

>>> Did Take Two give 3DR that $12 million for development <<<

No. We didn't get a penny of that money. This, along with so much else, is 100% spin, being eaten up by those who have no clue whatsoever. But, we cannot talk yet. We will, soon...

Update #3: Scott says Take-Two never offered 30 million dollars for the Duke IP:

>>> T2 declined but offered $30M for ownership of the IP and 3DR would have finished DNF.

We would have taken this offer without hesitation. Not. Even. Close.  [We'd have] sold the IP in a heart beat and created a new IP with that 30 million.

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