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Radar Group

Category: 3D Realms
by Kristian Joensen, on Fri Mar 14 2008, 03:38AM

Well as many of you know 3D Realms and Scott Miller have a long history of working with external studios on various game projects starting with id Software and the Commander Keen games, most recently releasing Prey with Human Head Studios in 2006.

In late 2006 Scott Miller announced that they where starting to work on multiple 3rd party games(especially new original IP's) at the same time instead of just one at the time as previously. In January 2007 Scott hired Raphael Van Lierop as a Creative Director to help with with these new efforts. The first game to be announced under the new scheme was Earth No More developed by Finnish game development studio Recoil Games founded by Samuli Syvahuoko(one of the original co-founders of Remedy Entertainment) amongst others.

However what you probably don't know is that in August 2007 Scott Miller co-founded a new company Radar Group, LLC a Delaware Limited Liability Company situated in Arizona. One of the first employees hired by this comany was Raphael Van Lierop who is serving as Executive Creative Director, he describes his job like this on his profile:

Partnering with talented independent developers, Radar creates, incubates, develops, and produces blockbuster triple-A entertainment properties that are crafted, from the ground up, to possess the gameplay and storyverse hooks to be successful in both the interactive (game) and linear (film, TV, etc.) worlds.

My role at Radar is to work with the CCO in creating and selecting original game properties and development teams, identifying the high-level hooks for gameplay & storyverse, and then shepherding these projects through a team of talented Creative Directors.

My goals are to deliver multiple blockbuster hits, build the strongest team of game concept creators and collaborators in the industry, to partner with the best independent game talent possible, and to collaborate closely with developers and publishers in the creation of successful video games, which can then find great success in other branches of media.

The above mentioned CCO is Scott Miller. Another interesting piece of info is that Jim Perkins, co-founder of Formgen(the original publisher of Duke Nukem 3D before GT Interactive bought them) lists "owner at Radar Group" as his current position in his profile.

Radar Group has applied for 4 trademarks since its founding: "Storyverse", "Depth Entertainment", "Original Thinking" and "Radar". To note is the fact that "Depth Entertainment" is for the categories:

G & S: Entertainment services in the field of film and television, namely, the creation, development, and production of motion pictures, films, videos, and television shows

It is currently unknown to us if George Broussard and/or 3D Realms is involved in Radar Group and what the relationship(if any) is between the two companies.

As soon as we here at learn more we will let the readers know.


It seems the company already has got a website and logo

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