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Duke Nukem Movie Interview

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Fri Sep 26 2008, 11:45PM

GameCyte has interviewed 3D Realms' Scott Miller in regards to the Duke Nukem movie.  Since the movie will be produced by the same people who worked on the Max Payne movie, the interview also talks about lead star Mark Walberg's possible return for sequels.

More interestingly, however, Scott talks about Duke Nukem Forever's story direction and character development, as well as the Duke Nukem movie itself.  Here's a snippet:

So, by building a storyverse for Duke Nukem, we’re bringing that franchise into modern times. A lot of this is going to be seen in Duke Nukem Forever, because we have several key characters besides Duke, including Bombshell and General Graves. And Duke’s personality and history will be more prominent in the game.

The bottom line is that Duke Nukem was created before we had the storyverse idea nailed down. Max Payne was our first game that was purposely built as a storyverse — in large part as a result of the lessons we learned from making Duke Nukem 3D. So, while Duke comes across as a little shallow now, that’s only because we haven’t released a modern day product that fleshes things out like in recent games.

Thanks Voodoo Extreme.  If you were a girl and I was single, I'd have sex with you.

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