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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Our Five-Question Interview with 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller

Category: 3D Realms
by Green, on Sat Apr 16 2011, 12:12AM


Q1) Is 3D Realms currently involved in any projects and if so could you
discuss them at any length?
Yes, we have several projects underway, all fairly small -- not any
big console games.  Once DNF comes out we'll be definitely looking to
invest into other projects, and maybe other up-n-coming teams who are
blazing new trails on smaller platforms, like smart phones and XBLA.
We have a long history of investing in young, unproven teams, going
way back to Id Software, and including other notables like Parallax
Software (we were the first studio to invest in Descent), and Remedy
Entertainment (Death Rally and Max Payne).  So, we like that model and
will keep doing it in the future.  We seem to have a good eye for
unproven talent waiting for some experienced guidance and hard-to-find

Q2) With 3D Realms owning the rights to all Duke Nukem games prior to Duke
Nukem Forever--does this allow 3D Realms to port or remake any Duke titles
that have been developed in the past?
There are complications to this question, so I'll just say that we do
continue to maintain certain rights to Duke Nukem games that were
already released, or in production.  But, for the most part, Gearbox
is the owner and caretaker of Duke's future on the interactive side,
not 3D Realms.

Q3) Approximately how much of Duke Nukem Forever had been completed when  it was handed over to Gearbox Software?

Pretty much nearly all of the content that you will see in the game
was competed before Gearbox entered the picture.  Most of the game was
designed and financed by 3D Realms -- except for the multiplayer,
which used 3D Realms' content and assets for the most part, but the
levels were created under Gearbox's management.
Now then, Gearbox has done a great job wrapping everything up,
managing the console versions, working with the publisher on marketing
and promotion, etc.  George and I are really happy with how things
have gone since Gearbox took over the project.  Gearbox put the best
effort into making the final push to get this game finished and to

Q4) How are Radar Group's projects progressing?
In fact, a huge one was recently announced but we are not suppose to
say we're attached to it.  Although, when it's released you'll see
Radar's name in the credits.  Plus, we're making progress on other
key, but unannounced projects.

Q5) How many locations, interactive things, vehicles, and so on featured in
the 2001 trailer are still in the game?
Haha! Good question.  A lot of the core ideas remain in DNF.  But,
some of the ideas, like the mine car ride and the motorcycle ride,
were replaced by other ideas that we thought were cooler and more
appropriate to the Duke storyverse.  But definitely the spirit of that
trailer -- a trailer I think ranks as one of the top 25 trailers ever
made! -- survives intact within the finished game:  DNF is a pure
fun-fest, with over-the-top action, and with humor and attitude that
we haven't seen since Duke Nukem 3D.  Come get some!

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