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DLC Coming Next Week, Choplifter HD Cameo

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Wed Oct 05 2011, 10:03pm


The Hail to the Icons Parody Pack and its four new multiplayer maps for Duke Nukem Forever will be available beginning Tuesday, October 11.

As promised, everyone who joined the First Access Club before Duke Nukem Forever launched in their territory will get it free*! For those that aren't in First Access Club, the pack will run 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and $9.99 on PlayStation Network and Steam in the US.

In addition, updates to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Duke Nukem Forever will roll out the same day, adding support for the new content along with various optimizations and bug fixes.

Until then, check out the Hail to the Icons mini-site for the latest on the new maps, modes and weapons at

*Platform availability and eligibility is subject to local laws and regulations. 

The pack contains three new gameplay modes and four new multiplayer maps (Call of Duke, Inferno, Sandpit, 2Forts1Bridge), each of which contain new weapons.  The new modes are Freeze Tag, Hot Potato, and Hail to the King.  The first mode has players cooperating to freeze and shatter opponents in succession for point streaks and combos, while the second mode gives you points for holding the babe the longest.  The last mode is essentially a basic free-for-all match.  The new weapons are the N00b T00b, sticky bomb, DFG (?), and minigun.

On an unrelated noted, Duke makes a cameo in the upcoming game Choplifter HD:

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